The 51 Best Gifts for Makeup Lovers, Tested By Us

From eyeshadow palettes to sultry lipsticks.

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Best Gifts for Makeup Lovers

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Too often we’ve fallen into unrequited love with a beauty product that seems perfect on paper but falls flat in reality (Think: Shimmering eyeshadow sticks that sparkle in packaging, but hardly dazzle on eyelids or skin-betraying silky serums). However, others reciprocate our feelings tenfold, and whether it was a slow burn or love at first sight, we feel confident our most cherished picks will make an outstanding gift for the makeup lover in your life.

We wouldn’t recommend any shadow we hadn’t swatched ourselves or send you home with a long-lasting lipstick that couldn't make it through the third course intact. Many of these products we tested ourselves, and others come highly recommended by experts, but all of them are gifts we’re sure someone you love would squeal over.

Kindred Black Hypokrites Finishing Powder

Kindred Black Hypokrites Finishing Powder

Kindred Black

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We have been patiently waiting for this gorgeous highlighting powder that feels softer than silk and looks whiter and finer than freshly fallen, glistening snow. But that’s definitely not to say only the fairest among us can dust our temples and cheeks with this delicate powder — far from it! We’ve never felt a finishing powder lighter than this, tamping down our excess shine with a soft-focus matte finish that still leaves our skin with just the right amount of glowing radiance. If you think that giving someone a finishing powder for a gift is too ordinary, just one look at the milky-hued hand-blown bottle swirled with an iridescent luster, as if it was sculpted straight from a mother-of-pearl, topped with an apothecary-style cork and wax sealing. "If heaven was a beauty vessel, this would be it," says InStyle's Senior Beauty Commerce Editor Kaitlin Clark.

WTHN Rose Quartz Eye Mask

WTHN Rose Quartz Eye Mask


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Consider this luxuriously soothing eye mask a gift from the self-care gods. According to ancient Greek lore, rose quartz formed when the tears of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, fell onto her wounded lover, Adonis, and the flow of his blood mixed with her tears stained the Greek white quartz pink. Even today it’s known as the “Love Stone,” and although we can’t attest to that, we do love a romantic myth, but even more, we love an ice-cold (as long as you keep it in the freezer), intricately woven gemstone eye mask that feels like a cool weighted blanket for your face. “It feels delicious every day, but especially after too many hours spent staring at a screen. At the end of the day, I take it out of the icebox, lay down, cover my eyes, and I can genuinely feel my jaw unclench," says Clark, "which is probably just Aphrodite unblocking my heart chakra herself so I radiate waves of loving energy.”

Tom Ford Hearts Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora Tom Ford Hearts Eyeshadow Palette


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When Tom Ford offers a gift to the world in the form of four heart-shaped, romantic eyeshadows that sparkle like little firecrackers of shimmer, all encased in a glossy, classic red apple quad, you just say yes. "These hues aren’t just regular shimmers," says Clark. "I think of them as intellectually sparkly eyeshadows," she adds, meaning that they're fit for even the most mature personalities among us. "Because for the record," says Clark, "No one ages out of glitter."

Vyrao Witchy Incense

Bluemercury Vyrao Witchy Incense


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February is the perfect time of year to tap into the power of supernatural scents — and a mysteriously magnetic fragrance, with an aromatic waft that is subtle, invisible, and hopelessly captivating, is bewitching indeed. Designed to intensify one’s courage and creativity, Witchy Woo gets straight to the point, as a bold, earthy blend of orris intertwines with musky patchouli, sharp thorny rose, cinnamon, honey-like opoponax, and swirled with spicy nutmeg. "I love a complex, layered fragrance that hits you in waves, and every time I light one of these slender sticks, I find another note I didn't smell before," says Clark. "It's warm, sensual, spicy, kind of smoky and sweet, and firmly in the amber fragrance family. I also love that the brand blends luxury perfumery with mood-boosting, energizing notes; it's a whole new world of wellness and self-care."

Prada Dimensions Multi-Effect Refillable Eyeshadow Palette

Nordstrom Prada Dimensions Multi-Effect Refillable Eyeshadow Palette


View On Nordstrom $80 View On Sephora $65

If you’re looking to really impress your love, splurge for one of the art-forward eyeshadow palettes from the very first launch of Prada Colour, the cosmetics arm of the storied Italian fashion house. Equal parts luxury, art, and supreme wearability, these hotly sought-after palettes feature three neutral shades and one flashy accent. "At first, you may not think these shades, all with a different finish, are all that complementary," says Clark. "But just trust me, and layer with abandon. You'll love the surprise, and it looks different every time you wear it." Wear them together, or choose your favorite finish, from satin to matte to metal foil, and wear it as it's own colorstory. Each palette is inspired by one of the brand’s vast library of more than 27,000 textiles and patterns. 

Gucci Gloss à Lèvres

Gucci Gloss a Levres in Teresina Red


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The Gucci Gloss à Lèvres is a true testament that some love languages require no words at all. One swipe of it and just our icy glazed smirks and fuller lips could fill an entire conversation. “Since the applicator is bent at about a 45-degree angle, it’s easy to maneuver the smooth gloss around my lip line and cover every inch with the fiery, semi-sheer red tint which looks daring on its own, but even more enticing when I overlay it on top of a coordinating classic red lipstick,” says InStyle Commerce Writer Irene Richardson. Beyond its kissable qualities, the gloss ditches a sticky, goopy finish in favor of a hydrating feel, courtesy of hyaluronic acid and naturally plumping plant-based extracts, such as ginger root and capsicum.

“Plus, between the tube’s smattering of little stars and luxe gold accents, this gloss is simply a fun accessory to cart around and pull out whenever I’m not getting enough attention and could do with a compliment or two,” adds Richardson.

Jay Strongwater Wow Compact

Bergdorf Goodman Jay Strongwater Wow Compact

Bergdorf Goodman

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This funky compact is complete with Swarovski crystals (ooh la la) and an impressionable pop art design that stuffs personality into its three-inch circumference. We have no doubt your beloved will feel extra spectacular eyeing themselves in the regular and magnified mirror every time they pop it open.

Mike & Ally Quill Small Tray Guest Towel Holder

Bergdorf Goodman Mike & Ally Quill Small Tray Guest Towel Holder

Bergdorf Goodman

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When you’re a makeup connoisseur, keeping all of your beautiful things organized can be a headache, especially if the aesthetic is uninspiring. Our trick to keeping our vanity orderly? Chic trays, boxes, and jars galore! Pay no mind to the label on this spiky, spunky case — after all, one person’s towel holder is another’s flashy spectacle. Fill it up with the good stuff.

Georgia Louise Cryo Freeze Tools

Violet Grey Georgia Louise Cryo Freeze Tools

Violet Grey

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Unlike some other facial tools, you don’t even need oil or an additional face mask to benefit from the Georgia Luisa circulatory benefits since the smooth stainless steel orbs move seamlessly across the skin. This material also holds onto coolness longer, leaving you with a few extra minutes in the morning to treat extra inflamed skin with some TLC. Equally notable is how its adorable pink hue doubles as a decorative nightstand accessory fit for any beauty guru’s boudoir. Additionally, their slim silhouettes are easy to throw in any tote and travel with, and ensure we always have the secret weapon right by our side if we need to calm down angry, red skin or keep up with our face-shaping treatments.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Icon Lip Kit

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Icon Lip Kit

Charlotte Tilbury

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Icons only, please (yes, that’s you). Charlotte Tilbury expanded the Hollywood Beauty Icon line to five new matte and satin shades and lip liners in the sweetest pinky hues, which you can easily coordinate with this Lip Kit. We got our mitts on the entire collection and adored how each one of the shades felt versatile to wear anywhere, even the brighter bubblegum pink, which isn’t a shade we’d normally go for during the week.  “Lip liners and red lipsticks are my makeup white whales if you will, but I thought there was no better time to try the bold, scarlet Hollywood Vixen shade and liner before a swanky late-night event downtown, and it did not disappoint,” says Richardson who adds that she was impressed by how the matte shade didn’t dry out her lips or smudge outside her lip line, instead it stayed in place all evening.

Dior Forever Cushion Powder

Nordstrom Dior Forever Cushion Powder


View On Nordstrom $72 View On Macy's $72

We may be all grown up now, but really, who doesn’t still dream of spending their days in a fairy garden? Between the blooming scene stitched on the outside of the compact and lavender-hued powder inside, the Dior Forever Cushion Powder is completely ethereal. An impressive feat, given that setting powder, isn’t typically the sexiest purchase, but we’d be thrilled if our honey gifted us this practical item encased in a vintage-style makeup accessory. Aesthetics aside, the mattifying translucent powder relies on water and wild pansy extract to provide a soft, cushiony feel you can sweep all over and never worry about a cakey, patchy finish.

Typology Tinted Lip Oil

Typology Tinted Lip Oil


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Formulated in France, Typology lives up to its Parisian standards and formulates a lip oil that's equal parts simple, elegant, and sexy. “The lip oil tastes delicious (Is that weird to say?), and despite having the urge to lick my lips every five seconds the Ruby Red shade slightly stained my lips for long-lasting color, similar to after eating a cherry popsicle but without the sugary red ring and with far more chic-looking results,” says Richardson. She adds that the vegan formula, which is brimming with hydrating plant-based oils, “melted into my skin and made my lips appear fuller, healthier, and dare I admit, super, super kissable.” Say coucou.

Lunya Sleep the Details 3 Piece Kit

Shopbop Lunya Sleep the Details 3 Piece Kit


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Any makeup lover will tell you beauty rest is essential, and wax poetic about the way a bad night’s sleep can wreak such havoc on your look the following day even a really good concealer couldn’t fix. This three-piece set from the same eco-conscious brand that makes our favorite silk pajamas is ideal for falling asleep feeling like a princess and waking up looking like one too. The 100 percent silk fabric helps prevent breakouts and keep blowouts smooth and frizz at bay no matter how much you toss and turn. And the cheeky “Good In Bed” graphic subtlety placed on the edge of the pillowcase gives us all the more reason to keep this one for ourselves and show off later down the line.

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color


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The Stunna Lip Paint has been InStyle Beauty Editor Kara Jillian Brown’s go-to red lip since it launched. “I love that it provides long-lasting coverage without drying out my pout,” says Brown, who adds that its bright red and subtle orange undertones make it the perfect red for her golden-brown complexion. “Note that this lippie is not exactly kiss-proof — you will leave your partner with a cherry-hued chin — but the color is honestly so good they should be grateful for their new look.”

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter

Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter


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If there’s one thing we can say about a new Pat McGrath collection, it’s going to have all the bells and whistles. Once again, the Mother of Modern Makeup and the person behind one of Taylor Swift’s red lip looks, nailed the packaging (which we think is more exciting to spot than a Tiffany-blue box) and performance of each product. “I audibly gasped when I opened the Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter and saw a stunning cherubic scene unfold in front of me,” says Richardson, who adds “The light, subtle shimmer dusted my cheekbones with a glowy warmth and though it’s a powder, its thicker texture was easy to manipulate so that I could place it right where I wanted it, like the tops of my cheekbones and under my hairline.”

Similarly, the Eye Shadow Quad: Darling Desire boasts three brilliant colorways and one daring reddish-brown hue, which we found to be the perfect base for blending with the sparkling pink and purple shades to achieve plenty of shimmery personality. We can’t choose a favorite child as every product is too fantastic to pass up and suggest purchasing the full collection, which also includes the MatteTranch Lipstick (two rich matte nude lipsticks in a peach and terracotta shade).

Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Perfume

Sephora Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Perfume


View On Sephora $44 View On

The most frequent compliment InStyle Commerce Writer Bianca Kratky receives might not be what you would expect: It’s that her hair smells really, really good. “I’ve learned that many people feel pretty loyal to their hair care products, or have specific needs that mine can’t fulfill, but this honey hair perfume is the next best thing if you’re unwilling to switch up your treatments, but still want to make people’s heads turn with a simple flip of the hair,” she says. The clean beauty brand is also behind one of our favorite hair oils that repairs damaged strands and like that editor-lauded formula, the perfume revives dull strands with its signature ingredient, Mirsalehi honey. The sustainably sourced liquid sunshine boasts a gorgeous, light scent, is nourishing, and helps fight frizz.

Smashbox Sculpt + Glow Face Palette

Ulta Smashbox Sculpt + Glow Face Palette


View On Ulta

Every makeup newbie needs the Smashbox Sculpt + Glow Face Palette — full stop. Not only does it come with step-by-step instructions for where to place each of the four shades, which includes a contour, bronzer, highlighter, and blush, but the velvety soft powders apply like a dream and are mistake-proof. “I’ll admit my contouring skills are quite lacking but when I do pick up the practice I usually opt for creams because I find them easier to manipulate and less drying, however after using this palette I’m a total powder convert,” says Richardson. She adds that the shades feel just as hydrating as liquid products, probably because the formula contains skin-nourishing ingredients, like passionfruit oil and vitamin E, and the subtle, but buildable, color payoff makes them much less daunting to use.

Tower 28 LipSoftie Lip Treatment

Tube of Tower28 LipSoftie Treatment

Tower 28

View On Sephora $16 View On

Like its Sunny Days Tinted Sunscreen and cream blushes, the sensitive-skin friendly and Gen-Z-adored brand created a lip treatment that's part skincare, part makeup, and fully fun. “The gloss has a deliciously thick, jelly-like consistency that’s pleasantly un-sticky and affords me the pleasure of squeezing it out of its squishy tube all day long,” says Richardson. “The light aromatic vanilla fragrance accompanying the glosses smells similar to a fancy piece of candy–not too sweet, not too strong, but an addicting aroma any sugar addict will love all the same.” Shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and olive oil extracts drench skin with hydration, giving your smackers a plush look and pillowy feel, as the moisture naturally inflates lips. And, if super high-shine finishes aren’t your thing, you’ll appreciate the subtle, sheer wash of color from each of the five shades.  

Kristin Ess The Vegan Leather Bows Hair Elastic

Target Kristin Ess The Vegan Leather Bows Hair Elastic


View On Target $10

When we don’t have a headband nearby to keep wispies out of our eyeline– i.e. we’re hazardously doing our makeup in the backseat of an Uber — the proverbial hair band is our next best option. The Kristin Ess vegan leather bows (which look far more expensive than they really are) come in three neutral colors and adorably keep hair firmly tied back without leaving creases or strands stuck in the decorative bow. “Naturally these little guys add interest to an everyday ponytail, but they look so luxe I often wear them on my wrist stacked against other bracelets, as the rich vegan leather disguises itself well among my pricier hardware,” says Richardson.

Gee Beauty The Multi Mascara

Gee Beauty the Multi Mascara

Gee Beauty

View On View On Neiman Marcus $32

Gee Beauty is one of our go-to brands when it comes to gifting our more skeptical galentines who are a little way about the makeup formulas they’ll wear daily. InStyle writer Madison Barber, who is notoriously picky about what she applies to her shorter, flat lashes, swears by its strand-strengthening formula. “This mascara doesn't run or flake, and it keeps my lashes curled and lengthened all day — I genuinely didn't think mascara could possibly work this well on my pesky eyelashes, but this option has proved me wrong and I don't think I'll ever use another one again!”

Geske Facial Cleansing Brush

Geske Facial Cleansing Brush


View On View On Urban Outfitters $30

We hold a pretty strong belief that everything we use should be cute and aesthetically pleasing, even if it’s quite literally clearing away the dirt and oil from your skin. Still, we think even if Geske Facial Cleansing Brush didn’t have a gorgeous tear-drop silhouette and beautiful gold and pink accented outfit, it would be a glamorous gift. “You’re essentially saying to your friend ‘Hey, here’s a little facial on me every single day' —seriously, between the tiny vibrations, warming sensation from the metal micro pearls, and flexible soft bristles the pocket-sized tool the whole enchilada," says Richardson. Plus, if your giftee is new to skincare or doesn’t have a ton of time to set up and use a complicated device on the daily, the brush is beginner-friendly and even coordinates with an app with pre-set treatments to make the entire process that much easier.

Balmain Paris Hair Perfume

Balmain Paris Hair Perfume

Saks Fifth Avenue

View On Saks Fifth Avenue $177 View On View On Neiman Marcus $163

Stunningly understated, every single thing about the signature hair perfume from Balmain, from the chic black and white glass bottle to the aromatic cocktail of sweet raspberry and tangy orange blossom, grounded in earthy cedar and pine, evokes a classic Parisian style. It’s a true perfume (versus a lighter hair mist), and one spritz will linger on your hair, releasing a soft scent with every casual toss or flip. It’s a total bonus that the formula also contains silk protein and argan elixir to nourish and hydrate strands for a full-on beautiful experience.

Christian Louboutin Abracadabra La Palette Refillable Case

Nordstrom Christian Louboutin Abracadabra La Palette Refillable Case


View On Nordstrom $73 View On Neiman Marcus $73 View On

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has it all or is well on their way, consider giving them somewhere to put everything. Complete with the instantly recognizable signature spikes from the designer brand, the refillable Christian Louboutin Abracadabra La Palette is the ultramodern way to store and transport eyeshadow and blush palettes, as its hard casing keeps precious cargo safe inside. The edgy design is a welcome addition to vanities and nightstands and, like the sounds of its iconic red-bottomed heels on a tile floor, we can’t help but feel tickled by the satisfying click we hear each time we pop open the palette to marvel at the treasures inside.

LYS Beauty Mini Higher Standard Deluxe Cream Blush Trio

LYS Beauty Mini Higher Standard Deluxe Cream Blush Trio


View On Sephora $20 View On

Good things come in three, especially when it comes to the LYS Beauty Cream Blush Trio. Each shade in the set, which includes a dazzling shimmer, neural pink, and deep berry, delivers something different, and spectacular, to our skin. We love how we can use our fingers to blend the highly pigmented, balmy blushes and, for bolder looks, buff them out onto the high points of our face to award cheekbones with their impressive color payoff. Additionally, skincare aficionados will also appreciate its hydrating feel, courtesy of ingredients like avocado oil and vitamin E, and a shine-free finish, thanks to the included kaolin clay that sops it up instantly.

La Mer The Lip Polish

La Mer The Lip Polish


View On Nordstrom $80 View On Sephora $80 View On

Prepare to relish in the lavish little self-care experience of the La Mer Lip Polish Exfoliating Balm. It combines three of our favorite things into one luxurious pink package: Skin-loving ingredients, a multifaceted makeup product, and sparkles. The exfoliator works by gently buffing off dry skin with sugar crystals and a patented formula with nourishing ingredients like sea kelp and eucalyptus, leaving them feeling slightly sweetened by the mint, plumper, and pillow soft. The hygienic application via the included wand is another big plus and provides an opportunity to swatch it on the go.

Diptyque Eau Rose Eau De Parfum

Diptyque Eau Rose Eau De Parfum


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A bouquet of roses? Sure, that’s nice, but it’s kind of a big yawn compared to the powerful impact the Diptyque Eau Rose will leave on the wearer and everyone around them. Its scent is a fresh take on the classic flower and relies on intriguing notes of lychee, camomile, and artichoke for an energizing, greener fragrance you’re likely to wear every day. The mature fragrance is a welcome deviation from the traditionally sweet scent that still holds all the excitement of seeing a floral bouquet by your nightstand. Not to mention, the delicately etched roses on the bottle never lose their petals and serve as a classic piece of decor that will (hopefully) remain as eternal as your love.

Saie Dew Blush

Saie Dew Blush


View On Sephora $25 View On $25 View On $25

Maybe you have someone who brings about your flush au natural (don’t brag), but for those of us who want to turn on the coquettish charm, the Saie Dew Blush is our flirty little helper. “I tried all three shades but continuously came back to Sweetie — it’s just pink enough to subtly warm up the apples of my cheeks, and I’m obsessed with the slightly dewy finish on all the shades that allows me to skip the highlighter.” The pigment is everything promised too, we barely had to dot it on with the wide, ultra cushiony doe foot applicator and blend out with our fingers to see it take to our complexion with a skin-like finish.

Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-Aging Serum

Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-Aging Serum with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid


View On Amazon $139 View On Sephora $139 View On

Yes, skincare has a romantic edge. What says “I love you” more than the fact that we’re willing to spill our magical anti-aging skincare secrets? “As I’m inching closer to thirty, I’ve started to notice fine lines around my forehead and smile lines, and I’ve tried a bunch of more affordable serums, upped my retinol, and did all that forums recommend to no avail,” says Kratky, who adds she finally decided to splurge on the Caudalie Premier Cru serum.  “This serum is truly magical, it whipped my face into shape and took three years off my skin,” she says. The serum touts a powerhouse formula with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, a naturally derived, more effective version of vitamin C, and patented technology proven to help tighten skin.

Gucci The Alchemist's Garden A Chant for the Nymph Eau de Parfum

Bloomingdale's Gucci The Alchemist's Garden A Chant for the Nymph Eau de Parfum


View On Nordstrom $384

Etched with a lithe cursive gold lettering and a sage green bow right below the designer label, the romantic ballet slipper pink bottle looks like we swiped it directly from a Parisian socialite’s nightstand. Only a hint of citrusy sharpness cuts through the otherwise fruity-floral perfume oil, which makes us feel flirty, sophisticated, and intriguing at the same time–like something our fictional French friend would wear before securing a silk scarf around her neck and heading out for a late afternoon stroll with a promising date. “The fragrance dries down to a creamy, soft vanilla scent, but it still retains its bright profile, making me want to wear it squeezed in tight next to Mon Cheri, perhaps sitting together on a terrace bench bordered by flowers, drinking rose tea,” says Richardson.

Alexandre De Paris Swarovski Crystal Studded Jaw Hair Clip

Bergdorf Goodman Alexandre De Paris Swarovski Crystal Studded Jaw Hair Clip

Bergdorf Goodman

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Look, we’d love to drip out our significant others in head-to-toe diamonds. However, if a stadium-sized jewel isn’t in the budget this year, at least start with the hair, and give your honey a fancy way to sweep away strands while they buff on skincare and makeup. Consider the stunning cream-colored or glossy black Swarovski crystal claw clip as not only a useful trick for making third-day hair look chic, but the hair accessory is a more contemporary, and accessible, version of a tiara they can wear every day. After all, don’t our loved ones deserve the royal treatment?

Stoney Clover Lane Large Pouch

Shopbop Stoney Clover Lane Large Pouch


View On $88 View On $78 View On Revolve

There’s nothing that ramps up our mood more than a bright, peppy, and easily recognizable pink colorway. (The gold heart-shaped zipper is the cherry on top of an already adorable design.) Naturally, Stoney Clover is the ultimate girl’s girl and the designer knows every makeup lover needs oodles of space to store their collected treasures of bits, baubles, and blushes. We could easily pack the large case full of brushes and full-sized palettes galore and keep it all organized with the option to purchase smaller, variously shaped pouches that will corral more miscellaneous items together.

Geurlain Cherry Blossom

Geurlain Cherry Blossom


View On

Perhaps you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or maybe you just really like the new person you’re seeing (lucky them). Either way, the Guerlain Cherry Blossom perfume is a very worthy alternative to a fine piece of jewelry. This stunning masterpiece not only features a versatile and light clean fragrance practically anyone would find delectable but it’s housed in a true work of art, and this labor of love translates tenfold when gifted. Guerlain worked with a French jeweler to design a truly spectacular crystal bottle featuring gleaming, semi-precious stones, artfully designed mother-of-pearl sakura cherry blossoms, and the brand’s signature bee emblems. It's unique, it’s everlasting, and most importantly it’ll earn you major brownie points.

Byredo Eyeshadow

Byredo Eyeshadow 5 Colours in Dysco


View On Nordstrom $75 View On View On Bloomingdales $75

We can hardly believe it’s been nearly four years since one of our tried and true fragrance brands delved into the world of makeup and released enchanting eye palettes equally as enticing as its undeniably sexy hair perfume. Notably, the quintet of striking metallic hues featured in the new State of Emotion set sends us straight into a dreamy romantic haze colored by burnished bronzes, royal roses, and an all-too-alluring deep shimmery burgundy. However, unlocking any of the oyster-shell-shaped palettes promises a treat to the user because the formulas are long-wearing, and offer high-impact color that sweeps across eyelids with high impact. We’re already in love.

PATRICK TA Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora PATRICK TA Major Dimension II Rose Eyeshadow Palette


View On Sephora $70 View On $70 View On

Slipping into these silky glorious roses, golds, and tanned shades every day will feel second nature, like zipping into your favorite pair of well-worn jeans, except with infinitely more glamorous results. It's easy to manipulate the blendable formula to enhance your natural eye shape so that you can create whatever look your heart desires, though we’re tempted to go full glam by way of the indulgent warm hazel hues and sparkly deep berry-colored shadows. No matter if that’s not your thing, the palette offers unlimited potential because it includes a thoughtful mixture of matte, satin, and pearlescent finishes.

KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag

Kusshi Signature Makeup Bag.jpg


View On Amazon $45 View On Nordstrom $69 View On $69

Innovative as can be, and quite elegant with its curved silhouette, luxurious lining, and leather exterior, the Kusshi makeup bag carts around loads of our beauty products and looks good while doing so. While its outside is a thing of beauty, we marvel most at the sheer number of items we can cram into the case thanks to the slim mesh pockets lining the sides, large interior, and ability to snap in add-ons, like this brush organizer, for extra organization. There’s plenty to brag about, but we’re most grateful for its thoughtful design details that help save time, notably the way we can open it from all three sides for easy access so we’re not rummaging around it for hours trying to procure a specific shade of lipstick.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner

Satin Kajal Liner VB’s Greatest Hits

Victoria Beckham Beauty

View On View On Violet Grey

We’ve had everyone from makeup artists to strangers on the street recommend the Victoria Beckham liners and we’ve similarly become ride-or-die fans of the silky, long-wearing pencils. We’re filling out our lash lines and every side of the octagon by investing in all eight of the top-performing shades, plus a few wild cards we’re delighted to try out including Cinnamon, in this limited edition set. Plucking each one of the matte or shimmer shades out of the cool matte cylinder travel case feels similar to an artist choosing which tool they’ll use from their apron.

Joanna Czech The Face Mask Set

Net-a-Porter Joanna Czech The Face Mask Set x 5


View On Net-a-Porter $150 View On Revolve $150 View On $150

We don’t know who your giftee is, but we’re sure that they didn’t list flaked-away foundation and patchy clumps on their wish list. The ultra-hydrating Joanna Czech sheet mask forbids dehydration by replenishing our skin with a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil to soothe away redness and create a smooth even base ahead of the most daring looks. Whatever you want to call it — your best friend, your confidant, your understated star player — the mask will be your right hand to ensure every ounce of product applies seamlessly to the skin.

Chanel Le Coton Extra Soft Cotton Pads

Nordstrom Chanel Le Coton Extra Soft Cotton Pads


View On Nordstrom $28 View On Bloomingdales $28 View On

Maybe when your love said that they wanted to coat themselves in Chanel, they were thinking more along the lines of its iconic Chanel N°5 fragrance or silk scarves, but truthfully these plush cotton pads are similarly divine. Leave it to the designer brand to take what would be an afterthought product and transform it into a luxurious pillowy treat for our visage. The soft tri-layer cotton material treats especially sensitive skin with care and removes makeup seamlessly without leaving a trail of pilling fabric. Not to mention, the interlocking C’s and stunning packaging each set comes in, dress-up bathroom vanities with an air of elegance any house guest can appreciate.

Riki Loves Riki Riki Skinny Mirror

Riki Loves Riki Riki Skinny Mirror

Riki Loves Riki

View On Nordstrom $205 View On View On Saks Fifth Avenue $225

It’s a must-have for snatched makeup looks, whether you want a minimalist no-makeup makeup look or a full beat. Clark recommends the accessories, too. “I hate needing to cram my neck and contort my body trying to get eye-level with the mirror, so I bought the accompanying stand, and it’s been a game-changer. I can adjust the height so I can do my glam pretty much anywhere, even a super low coffee table when my boyfriend is hogging the bathroom.” But the best part? This iPad-sized mirror only weighs 1.5 pounds, so you can toss it into a carry-on to ensure your vaca pics look just as good.

Sherrieblossom Icebox Fabulous Skinny

Sherrieblossom Icebox Fabulous Skinny

Sherrieblossom Icebox

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If you’re not ready to go all-in on the TikTok-famous Icebox Wide, start with its smaller kid sister with a more palatable price tag, the Fabulous Skinny or the Fabulous Wide. “I’ve amassed dozens of tiny cubes and lipstick holders over the years, and they've all been kind of useless because they're just too small to hold much," says Clark, before she splurged on the Fabulous Skinny. "And while I’m still a messy tornado at my core, the sleek minimalist look of the transparent lucite acrylic makes me want to be organized, like the kind of adult who can actually find things when I need them." But don’t just take Clark’s word for it — Beyoncé and Rihanna don’t go on tour without the Little London, a little miracle they discovered in their Golden Globes VIP gift bags two years ago.

Isamaya Lash Lasso Mascara

Moda Operandi Isamaya Lash Lasso Mascara

Moda Operandi

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Some items in life seem almost too pretty to use. Such was the case for the Cartier Halo Tiara Queen Elizabeth lent Kate for her royal wedding, and we’d be tempted to say this ornate Isamaya mascara falls in the same vein if it weren't for the fact that the product inside is too good to pass up. Even if the British makeup brand wasn’t the one often behind celebrity and runway looks, we’d feel like a true A-lister layering our lashes with the luxurious mascara. Untwisting the jewel-encrusted equestrian cap is an act of self-delight, and layering mascara on our lashes with the fortifying and hydrating ingredients of beeswax, glycerin, and jojoba seed extract makes us feel like they’re growing stronger with each swipe.

NudeStix Sunkissed Nudes Mini Kit

NudeStix Sunkissed Nudes Mini Kit


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Isn’t life all about compartmentalizing? NudeStick expertly grouped three rich, creamy contour, lip, and eye pencils in its Sunkissed Nudes Mini Kit, whose universally flattering terracotta colorways and deeper brown hues are essentially a packaged-up pocketful of sunshine. A big selling point for Richardson is how the pencils fit neatly in a slender tin case, that you can stow away for touch-ups as needed. Additionally, she says “Though small in stature, these multi-use pencils are quite overachievers — the slim sparkling eyeshadow stick doubles as a subtle highlighter, whereas the chubbier contour stick is easy to hold and its width allows me to quickly blend from my forehead to my cheekbones and down the jawline.”

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil

Sephora Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil


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It’s pretty hard to top the gift of glow. Walking among the sunny orchards of Grecian olive trees seems well within reach when our arms and legs are oiled up in the sumptuous, silky Tom Ford Body Oil. Plant-based ingredients such as jojoba, safflower, and olive drench skin and leave it with heaven-sent softness, while flecks of glitter make limbs look longer and irresistible to the touch. What makes the body oil even harder to ignore is the fresh fragrances trailing in its application, which we previously described as a little floral with a bit of kick from spicy notes of amber accords and sandalwood. 

Hermes Plein Air Blotting Papers

Nordstrom Hermes Plein Air Blotting Papers


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Sweating? In designer? We’d only allow it if we could blot away the extra oil with the fibers of Japanese mulberry tree found in the Hermes Plein Air Blotting Papers. Is it a little silly to splurge on? That’s up to you, but if you ask us, life is all about the little things, and pulling out these pocket-sized sheets of joy from the signature Hermes orange packaging makes our daily lives that much better. Even the papers themselves carry the ghost of the designer logo with a faint watermark. Trust us, no one will mistake these for run-of-the-mill blotting sheets.

Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Bright Drops

Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Bright Drops

Drunk Elephant

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Why would we ever want to escape the brilliant, gleaming world Drunk Elephant drenches our skin in every time we slather one of its illuminating drops onto our skin? Whether we’re using the versatile, TikTok-lauded bronzing drops to beam sunlight back onto our facades or adding color to cheekbones by patting on the blush equivalent, we’re obsessed with the lightweight makeup, skincare hybrid products. The B-Goldi drops are similar to a water-based formula that taps skin-supporting ingredients, like niacinamide and jojoba seed oil, to go for the gold and illuminate our complexions. Not to mention, the drops also contain light-reflecting pigments for instant ethereal radiance.

Kindred Black Savannah Viper Lip Oil

Kindred Black Savannah Viper Lip Oil

Kindred Black

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Double down on your gifting potential and send your honey, or better yet yourself, an ornamental decoration and a nourishing, transformative, lip oil in one go. We’re recast as potion makers and magicians when we uncap the mystical hand-blown glass bottle and use the elegant dropper to layer on the treasure encased inside. The results are so exquisite, that it’s almost as though magic is one of the secret ingredients. In reality, Kindred relies on a medley of natural extracts, including blueberry and peppermint oils, to leave lips glazed, nourished, and enticing as ever. So much better than a bouquet.

Café Collection The Café Collection

Naturium the Café Collection


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This lip set may be a practical present, but trust us, whoever is on the receiving end will reap the benefits of their nourishing formula. “These lip balms not only provide me with nourishment that actually lasts for hours, but also are the perfect nude shades for my lips,” says Barber. “I have all of these shades and keep them in my purse at all times — I know they'll go with any makeup look I have on that day and even help me feel put-together on no makeup days when I just want a little color on my lips.”

Dries Van Noten Resin Mirror & Leather Case

Saks Fifth Avenue Dries Van Noten Resin Mirror & Leather Case

Saks Fifth Avenue

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The high-quality stainless steel Dries Van Noten pocketbook mirror and accompanying sleek 100 percent leather case make us yearn for the old-school style ladylike glamor of yore. They are more than practical tools we depended on for surveying our mid-day makeup before we could flip our front cameras around. This sophisticated side piece features a modern, half-moon silhouette and four punchy prints, including a whimsical toile-adjacent blue and white combo we’re dying to show off.

Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette


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United together, these shades look similar to a rich quarry of gemstones. The palette is brimming with gunmetal metallics and cosmic colorways fit for the solar system and made for you to smoke out a room with the sultriest looks. When you break them apart, however, the muted nudes and subtle shimmer shades offer plenty of versatility, if say, you want to create a more natural eye during the day and reserve your grunge era for nights out. 

Richardson, who doesn’t typically opt for heavier looks during the week, was thrilled to discover that she often picked up the palette when doing her makeup for work. As she explains, “I use LUV Anarchy, the quintessential light nude base, and Stand Up, an absolutely stunning sheer shimmery tan, and blend them out quickly and seamlessly into a gorgeous everyday look that’s complementary to all of my outfits.”

Slip Mulberry Silk Headband

Amazon Slip The Glam Band Leopard-Print Mulberry Silk Headband


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We sleep soundly every night on our Slip silk pillowcases, but when beauty rest just doesn’t cut it, we use Slip’s adorable silky, soft fabric headband to keep stubborn strands out of our way and flyaway infringements at bay when we need to zhuzh our makeup. The thick headband is wide enough to hold back our precious blowouts keeping them safe from splashback and product residue. And, no matter how long it takes to blend out our smoky eyes, we won’t remove the headband to find frizz or a headache thanks to the brand’s propriety silk fabric that smooths down hair instead of creating more frizz and adjustable loop fastener versus a velcro one, which ensures we aren’t snagging strands when we pull the headband off.  To be honest,  the cheetah-print design simply adds a cheer to our groggy mornings and glitz to our getting-ready routine.

DIBS Beauty GlowTour Duo

DIBS Beauty GlowTour Duo

DIBS Beauty

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Between its glowy finish and flecks of sparkle, our cheekbones seem to scintillate even in dimly lit rooms when we’re sporting this highlighter and blush super duo. In the best way, its packaging feels similar to using a glue stick because the chubby dual-ended tool is easy to hold, and its wide surface makes the application of the cream blush or shimmering highlighter even more seamless. As Richardson explains, “I have zero patience for blending out my product and even less so when it comes to searching for the right brush, so I loved that all I need to do when I wear this is rub it across the high points of my face and pat it in with my fingers. Voila, the silky formula melts right into my skin.” Ingenuity doesn’t stop at its design, however, as the innovative formula matches your skin’s natural pH to provide a made-for-you wash of color. Can you blame us for feeling special?

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