21 Best Overalls That Are Equal Parts Comfortable and Cute

Think you can't pull it off? These picks make overalls feel easy.

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Best Overalls

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The overall is a tricky garment. It’s often associated with the wardrobe of a toddler or a farmer, but it can actually be a deeply enjoyable style for many, what with some surprisingly chic outfit ideas (denim overalls in particular have been a popular summer item recently). But if you haven't worn them in a while, or want to dip a toe into the style but are worried you're going to look silly, read on.

We surveyed 11 women whose love of overalls falls within the context of living in the Mountain West region and using them for daytime casual wear; selecting them as an unconventional and fun choice for their fashion-focused office job; and throwing them on for an easy and effective pregnancy look. It's funny: Lots of women admitted to secretly liking their overalls but not wanting anyone to know. The time has come, though, to start wearing our overalls proudly out of the house.

We also spoke with Pistola founder Grace Na, designer and sewist Aaronica B. Cole, plus-size fashion specialist Hannah Schneider, and Stitch Fix stylist Jessica Sockel about the qualities that make a good pair of overalls, what to look for (and to avoid), and their favorite picks.

Our Top Picks
Best Overall :
Everlane The Gardner Overall at Everlane.com ($148)
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Best Budget:
Lazutom Women's Loose Fit Casual Overall at Amazon ($31)
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Best Splurge:
Hudson Jeans Utility Wide-Leg Overalls at Nordstrom ($345)
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Best Modern:
Pistola Arden Relaxed Overalls at Pistoladenim.com (See Price)
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Best Classic:
Free People Hudson Jeans Utility Wide-Leg Overalls at Nordstrom ($59)
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Best for Everyday:
Quince Organic Stretch Cotton Twill Relaxed Overalls at Quince.com (See Price)
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Best Organic Cotton:
Lucy & Yak Original Dungaree at Lucyandyak.com (See Price)
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Most Pockets:
Duluth Trading Co. Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls at Duluthtrading.com (See Price)
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Best Color Range:
YESNO Long Casual Loose Pants Overalls PV9 at Amazon ($36)
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Best Skirt:
Cleo + Wolf Women's Denim Skirtall at Bootbarn.com (See Price)
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Best Overall

Everlane The Gardner Overall

Everlane The Gardner Overall


View On Everlane.com $148

What We Love: The fit, fabric, and feel are classic without being basic.

What We Don't Love: There aren't a ton of color options, and the inseam is long.

The best overall overalls! Everlane, known for its sustainable, fair trade basics, gives us a utilitarian, workwear-inspired overall that looks vintage but pairs well with a modern wardrobe. As one reviewer writes, "They look like a pair of overalls that could have been made [over] 100 years ago (when things were quality)!" They're made of heavy organic cotton, and in terms of function, they boast three pockets and adjustable shoulder straps. The stripe is a nice alternative to plain denim — a modern twist on a classic shape — and the exaggerated front pockets give a little more visual interest than usual. The extra-wide legs are fun and fashionable instead of something akin to a cow-milking uniform.

Material: Organic cotton, elastane | Colors: 1 | Size: XXS–XL

Best Budget

Lazutom Women's Loose Fit Casual Overall

Lazutom Women's Loose Fit Casual Overall


View On Amazon $31

What We Love: It has many sizes to choose from, so everyone can get a good deal.

What We Don't Love: It only comes in two colors, and it's not very adjustable.

If your budget is a bit more modest but you'd still like to channel "classic workwear with a modern twist" vibes, this Amazon option has a terrific design. The fit is loose and baggy, with four functional pockets. But on the downside, it's hand-wash-only, and it has a rigid, no-stretch construction, so you might want to consider going up a size for a baggy look and feel. The snaps on the shoulder mean that this pair isn't quite as adjustable as others on this list, but it's still a great basic for $30. It's also a nice place to start if you want to try the trend for the first time.

Material: Denim | Colors: 2 | Size: XXS–3XL

Best Splurge

Hudson Jeans Utility Wide-Leg Overalls

Hudson Jeans Utility Wide-Leg Overalls

Saks Fifth Avenue

View On Nordstrom $345 View On Saks Fifth Avenue $345 View On Lyst.com

What We Love: This leatherette look is an elevated, luxe take on the overall. 

What We Don't Love: The material isn't as multifunctional as denim.

Fancy overalls, you say? Yes, and the key is to select a luxurious fabric with a cool color. These super-wide-leg pants with cargo pockets are very of-the-moment but will also be stylish in several years, thanks to the ubiquity of the black color and leather-like fabric. In case the cost is making you do a double take, just know: When you're going with a higher-end item like this one and you get it in a classic shape and style, you'll be able to wear it with more — meaning the price per wear will be lower. Women surveyed liked the overalls more than the rompers, so you can find a multitude of contexts for these. 

Material: Polyester | Colors: 1 | Size: XS–XL

Best Modern

Pistola Arden Relaxed Overalls

Pistola Arden Relaxed Overalls


View On Pistoladenim.com

What We Love: The classic shape melds with the modern piece-y design.

What We Don't Love: There isn't any stretch, which means you might need to size up.

Na explains that for the Arden overalls, the design team took inspiration from classic workwear, particularly with the double knee feature. "We don’t expect anyone to do heavy lifting while wearing them, but adding features like this makes them feel more elevated and different than your everyday piece," she says. This is a particularly nice choice if you want to add feminine or fitted details: a more polished shoe, for example, or a tight lace shirt underneath. The design has very wide openings on the side, meaning it won't get bunchy or tight through the chest, abdomen, or hips. This is, in other words, a great choice for your office, and — so long as it's amenable to casual wear — you'll feel great in these all day. 

Material: Cotton | Colors: 1 | Size: XXS–XL

Best Classic

Free People Hudson Jeans Utility Wide-Leg Overalls

Free People Hudson Jeans Utility Wide-Leg Overalls


View On Nordstrom $59 View On Shoemall.com View On Lulus $98

What We Love: The style has not one but three classic denim colors, and it's a best seller.

What We Don't Love: It runs long and can be tight through the body.

If you have the most basic overalls on your Pinterest board, this pair is a pretty solid choice. Each of the three colors is a "classic" denim style (meaning you can't go wrong, regardless of which one you pick). It's a non-stretch style with pockets galore — five, to be exact. It's extremely cuff-able, meaning the pant leg rolls easily, which helps with the generally casual vibe of the overalls. Reviewers write that it's a great value for the money, and even though it's a bit pricier than they might usually pay for an overall, they wear this piece all the time. The fabric isn't too thick, which is great for layering but may also make these a good spring through fall choice instead of winter overalls. 

Material: Cotton | Colors: 3 | Size: XS–XL

Best for Everyday

Quince Organic Stretch Cotton Twill Relaxed Overalls

Quince Organic Stretch Cotton Twill Relaxed Overalls


View On Quince.com

What We Love: These are the "chicest" overalls on this list.

What We Don't Love: You still might need to size down a little.

Quince has affordable basics that aren't fast fashion, so if you want a budget pick that's certified to a higher factory and material standard, this is a nice choice. The sleek, true-to-size construction is very basic — but, on the other hand, the lack of bells and whistles makes the white color look extremely chic (it's also a nice touch that the buttons are gold-toned) and overall easy to style. The legs are straight in width instead of wide, making them look more traditional. Reviewers say this is the pair of overalls to get if most styles make you look boxy, and it’s not baggy — meaning it’s more polished and sleek. Yes, overalls can look chic! 

Material: Organic cotton, spandex | Colors: 3 | Size: XS–XL

Best Organic Cotton

Lucy & Yak Original Dungaree

Lucy & Yak Original Dungaree

Lucy & Yak 

View On Lucyandyak.com

What We Love: This style has a lot of colors, inclusive sizing, and two leg lengths.

What We Don't Love: Some of the colors sell out quickly, especially in the extended sizes.

This British brand is reasonably priced (particularly for the fact that it uses organic instead of regular cotton in the constructions), and its Original Dungaree style in particular comes in a wealth of colors, should you be interested in taking a non-blue style out for a spin. Just know that a few of the colors are especially popular (Fandango Pink in particular), so if you spot the color available in your size, make sure to grab it.

It features a tie-strap construction, which is also a little more unusual than your average snap or buckle straps, but still allows for adjustability. Cole loves the garment's sizing inclusiveness, as it goes up to a size 28. You can even opt for a long length if you're on the tall side. 

Material: GOTS-certified organic cotton | Colors: 3 | Size: 0–28

Most Pockets

Duluth Trading Co. Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls

Duluth Trading Co. Women’s Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls

Duluth Trading Co.

View On Duluthtrading.com

What We Love: This is as functional a pair as you're ever going to find, but it’s also surprisingly cute. 

What We Don't Love: It's fit for a long torso, which can be tough for shorter people.

We highly doubt that you're ever going to find a pair of overalls with more than 12 pockets. These are on the right thigh, left thigh, and back, with a pruner loop and bib storage system, phone sleeve, pencil slots, and sunglasses loop. This style is meant to be more practical — as in, if you're doing gardening or any other activity that requires durability and storage space, it’s your pick (there’s even UPF sun protection).

Cole also loves these overalls because they're size-inclusive. Reviewers write that they run big, so keep that in mind when you look to find your correct size. They also come in a ton of colors to cater to many sartorial moods.

Material: Ripstop nylon, spandex | Colors: 8 | Size: XXS–3X

Best Color Range

YESNO Long Casual Loose Pants Overalls PV9

YESNO Long Casual Loose Pants Overalls PV9


View On Amazon $36

What We Love: If you want to try an overall in a fun color without spending too much, this is it.

What We Don't Love: In keeping with the lower price tag, the material is lighter and flimsier.

With 14 color options available, this is the pick if you want something decidedly more fun than a blue pair of overalls (or if you have a particular color scheme you like but still want to dip a toe into wearing overalls). Case in point: Some reviewers bought these as part of a Halloween costume, and some of them bought them because they just love the color. Reviewers also add that this pair is incredibly comfortable, unlike the more rigid and non-stretch options on this list. The canvas is also roomier and more stretchy for those who need more room for their chest or torso, as well. It has extended sizes, which is a nice feature.

Material: Cotton | Colors: 17 | Size: S–3XL

Best Skirt

Cleo + Wolf Women's Denim Skirtall

Cleo + Wolf Women's Denim Skirtall


View On Bootbarn.com

What We Love: It has a nice shape and structure that'll work for several body types.

What We Don't Love: This probably isn't a pair for cold-weather months.

If you're unfamiliar, overalls don't have to be pants (or even shorts!). If you like skirts and want to give overalls a whirl, this "skirtall" is the same construction but with a skirt on the bottom. This is a pretty classic color and shape, which means you're still getting the traditional look and feel. The round hem is also super-classic, and the rough edge is a nice modern touch. Dare we say it: The skirtall is the cuter, slightly more chic version of the classic overall. So, if you've been hesitant to experiment with the style because your natural aesthetic leans more upscale and less trendy, this could be the overall you've been waiting for.

Material: Cotton, Lycra | Colors: 1 | Size: XS–XXL

Best Shorts

Levi's Vintage Women's Shortalls

Levi's Vintage Women's Shortalls


View On Levi.com

What We Love: Levi's makes high-quality denim, so if you're getting one pair of shortalls, this is a good option.

What We Don't Love: This runs a little big but doesn't have any stretch, so it might require a little trial and error to get the size right. 

Perhaps no brand is more associated with denim than Levi's, so it would make sense that it would have some classic overall selections. If you want some shortalls (short overalls), you don't need anything fancy. This style comes in three classic colors and has a longer length on the leg for maximum cuffing opportunities (or, if you'd rather not show off some leg, the length works for that too). Reviewers of all ages love this traditional look in particular for the spring and summer months, but suggest sizing down if you're not looking for an oversized look. It’s also non-stretch, so just bear that in mind when you make your size selection. 

Material: Cotton | Colors: 3 | Size: XS–XL

Best Plus-Size

Cider Denim Pocket Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Cider Denim Pocket Wide Leg Jumpsuit


View On Shopcider.com

What We Love: The wide legs make them look very '90s.

What We Don't Love: Not everyone will love the contrasting straps on the lighter colors.

Cole says this is, hands down, her favorite place to buy overalls because of the vast number of color and pattern options on the site "They also have [various leg shapes], which I love," she says.

These are a solid choice for a classic, no-frills overall (and they come in sizes from 0 to 26, which is one of the reasons they're a best seller). They come in four classic colors and have exceptionally wide legs to make them look very '90s — and very lengthening on the body. Reviewers write that if you want a roomy fit through the abdomen you should size up, but do be mindful that with the wide legs, you may need some tailoring if you do. You can also unbutton some of the side buttons for a roomier fit in your true size. 

Material: Polyester | Colors: 4 | Size: 0–26

Best Pattern (Plus-Size)

Cider Boho All Over Print Floral Pocket Jumpsuit

Cider Boho All Over Print Floral Pocket Jumpsuit


View On Shopcider.com

What We Love: If you like patterns at all, these are incredibly cute.

What We Don't Love: The legs are very wide.

In addition to the brand’s more classic overall offerings, Cider also gives us some very cute overall patterns to work with. A pattern can be a lovely way to play up the whimsical vibes of a pair of overalls if the utilitarian style is just not for you. And these options are incredibly cute, and (thanks to the inclusive sizing and hint of spandex in the fabric) they're just as comfortable as its non-patterned offerings. The price is affordable, too, which allows you to experiment with these patterns (and tailor the bottoms, if you're shorter) without feeling like you're making a massive wardrobe commitment. If you like patterned summer dresses, try these as an alternative!

Material: Polyester, spandex | Colors: 6 | Size: 0–26

Best Black (Plus-Size)

You + All Black Denim Overall

You + All Black Denim Overall

You + All 

View On Youandallfashion.com

What We Love: The construction is classic, and the color is a rich, deep black.

What We Don't Love: It's still not the most size-inclusive brand on here, even though it has great extended sizing.

Cole likes the selection at You + All — particularly if you're looking for basics that work in a multifunctional way. The cost is reasonable, and the structure is meant to accommodate different body types effectively (which isn't a given). Because the style is non-stretch and all-cotton, make sure to wash them carefully so that they don't shrink or lose the deep black color. The distressed detailing is subtle, and the straight-leg silhouette means there's a tapered effect. So, if you're looking for your overalls to give you a sleek and lengthened look, this is a great pick. 

Material: Cotton | Colors: Black | Size: 16–22

Best Corduroy

Happy Sailed Women Corduroy Overalls

Happy Sailed Women Corduroy Overalls


View On Amazon $40

What We Love: The corduroy is both soft and durable without feeling stifling.

What We Don't Love: It's not going to be as long-lasting as more expensive options.

As an alternative to denim, corduroy is deeply casual and soft, but also playful with its variety of color options. This best seller has a thinner front bib section and a wide leg, giving it an old-school preppy vibe that's nevertheless not too dated.

In case you missed it, corduroy can be very durable, but it also may not be the stretchiest material. Reviewers say, however, that this pair is the exception: The overalls are both comfortable and also have a bit of a stretch to them. One reviewer writes, "I can't take these off, they are so cute and comfy!" Note that they might be a bit cropped on a tall person.

Material: Polyester | Colors: 10 | Size: S–XL

Best V-Neck

Free People High Roller Denim Overalls

Free People High Roller Denim Overalls

Free People 

View On Zappos $98 View On Zappos $98 View On Freepeople.com

What We Love: This is potentially a good-fitting option for people who have larger chests. 

What We Don't Love: An all-cotton composition isn’t stretchy and thus may not be for everyone.

If the traditional bib neckline doesn't work for your chest or upper body, consider a V-neck. The deep v in front and back of this, plus the adjustable straps, mean that it’ll work for several body types and chest sizes. (It’s also a full ’70s throwback — no wonder it's a best seller!) We love that it comes in purple corduroy and orange colors, too. While this is probably less a “gardening overall” and more a “fashion overall,” it’s undoubtedly an easy outfit-maker. Just throw on a collared shirt underneath and some chunky shoes, and you’re good to go. 

Material: Cotton | Colors: 15 | Size: S–XL

Best Fitted

Paige Mayslie Straight-Leg Ankle-Crop Overalls

Paige Mayslie Straight-Leg Ankle-Crop Overalls

Saks Fifth Avenue

View On Saks Fifth Avenue $101

What We Love: While overalls aren't known for being sleek, this pair totally is.

What We Don't Love: A skinny leg isn't for everyone, and neither is a cropped leg.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want your overalls to fit you like a glove, go for this skinny-leg pair. These overalls have just a touch of stretch, which makes sense since they're designed to fit closer to the body. The light olive color will make the pair look sleek and tailored since denim might feel too constrictive when it's tight. If you're tall, this might be cropped at the ankle; it might require a little tailoring to make it fit you perfectly, but it's worth it.

Material: Cotton, elastane | Colors: 1 | Size: 24–32

Best Oversized

Madewell Denim Carpenter Overalls

Madewell Denim Oversized Carpenter Overalls


View On Madewell.com View On Zappos

What We Love: You can't get much comfier than this baggy pick. 

What We Don't Love: Because it's oversized, it might gap or fold in some places.

If you like your overalls to feel gloriously oversized (meaning they don't pinch or squeeze no matter what you're doing in them), this is the perfect pair for you. Knee patches and a hem that you can cuff make this look workwear-adjacent, which works effectively with a more baggy style. The fabric is soft and medium weight — it's non-stretch, so if you want to lean into the oversized vibe, go up one size. Choosing a slightly larger size is also helpful if you're planning on layering underneath this with a bulkier sweater in the colder months. We love a multifunctional, multi-seasonal pick! 

Material: Cotton | Colors: 1 | Size: XXS–L

Best Maternity

Seraphine Black Denim Maternity Overalls

Seraphine Black Denim Maternity Overalls


View On Seraphine.com

What We Love: This is designed to help moms-to-be get dressed easily and feel great.

What We Don't Love: The price-per-wear will be higher since it can only be worn for several months.

Numerous pregnant women or moms surveyed for this story love, love, love Seraphine's overalls (regardless of whether they're a dedicated maternity style). The openness around the chest and waist means that they can accommodate a growing belly in the first trimesters — but in the third, it's best to get a maternity style so you won't feel uncomfortable trying to squeeze into your old pairs. This is similarly slim through the leg, which may not be everyone's preference, but this pair is designed to stretch everywhere. (Wide legs in pregnancy can make you feel larger, not smaller). These will also be a must-have in the postpartum period, so you'll get more wear out of them than you might suppose. 

Material: Cotton, elastane | Colors: 3 | Size: 2–14

Best Racerback

Lee Women's Bib Overall

Lee Women's Bib Overall


View On Lee.com

What We Love: A racerback design up top means better support through the chest.

What We Don't Love: This has a long inseam, so if you’re shorter, you may need to hem this.

For some flair in the back of your overalls, consider the racerback. Not every iteration of this style is comfortable — the style is designed to support women's chests, and therefore, some people may find the design tight. However, this cotton-blend pair moves and stretches with you. It helps that it has an oversized, '90s- throwback design (thanks to a long inseam and wide legs) for a comfortable, roomy feel. A pair of overalls that feels kind of like pajamas? Yes, please.

Other features include five functional pockets and a snap closure on the straps. It even comes in stripes, if you're feeling adventurous.

Material: Cotton, spandex | Colors: 2 | Size: XS–XL

Best Flare

Show Me Your Mumu San Fran Overalls

Show Me Your Mumu San Fran Overalls

Show Me Your Mumu

View On Showmeyourmumu.com $184

What We Love: This deeply flared ’70s style is stylish for a lot of body types.

What We Don't Love: You might need to hem a lot of this if you're short.

If you like flare pant styles, why not leap into a flare overall? The cut elongates the bottom half and works especially well for people with thinner hips or broad shoulders. Reviewers explain that this is the only pair of "trendy" overalls you'll ever need — meaning that flare styles are popular now but unique enough to look amazing for months and years (again, making it a nice pick for the price-per-wear value). Reviewers also write that they get tons of compliments — both tall and short people, which means it's a workable style for different heights — and that the flare is a nice feature to differentiate it from other overalls.

Material: Cotton | Colors: 1 | Size: XS–L

What To Keep In Mind


"We recommend opting for a more tailored fit that accentuates your body shape without being overly tight," says Sockel. Na adds, "I’m in my early 40s, and generally, I try to avoid anything overly trendy. A pair that is oversized and super baggy could look a bit young on someone like me. Overalls are already a specific piece of clothing. Because of this, I would stick to a slim leg: a fit that is more classic, can be worn season after season, and gives you more styling choices."

All of this is not to say you can't go with a wide leg, simply that your overalls should be similar in cut, design, and fabric to the pieces of denim you really like — for those with thin hips or a longer waist, for example, a wider leg will help you feel balanced. Look for the little details that are already complementary to your natural style. Also, in general, pay attention to construction and read the reviews: some overalls work better for short or tall people (and it's hard to tailor the crotch on a pair of overalls).


It depends on what you're hoping to achieve with your look. If you want non-stretch denim that hugs your figure, that's great. In fact, Na prefers it: "A pair made with rigid denim is ideal. This will give it a more substantial look and feel. If the fabric is too flowy or flimsy, it can give a more whimsical look, which I typically try to avoid." Just know that you might want to size up or not layer much underneath it. 

By contrast, for those who have never tried overalls before, Sockel does suggest fabric that has a built-in stretch. "Look for quality fabrics that provide comfort and durability, like denim blends or softer cottons." Adds Schneider, who specializes in plus-size fashion, "Select overalls made from feminine materials like corduroy, denim with a bit of stretch, or even a soft linen blend."


Overalls can be a deeply practical garment that people wear when they garden or do housework. Or, they could be a fashion statement that has everything to do with shape. If the latter, as Sockel explains, "It’s fun to play around with fashion-forward details like asymmetrical closures or unique embellishments." You don't need as many real pockets as when you're functionally using the overalls, in other words.


A pair of distressed overalls is perfectly fine — so long as the look is still polished instead of messy. "Ensure that your overalls are clean and in good condition. Avoid any stains or excessive wear and tear that might detract from your appearance," Schneider says.

Your Questions, Answered

When did overalls originate?

This particular garment has been with us for a while — the late 19th century, to be exact, courtesy of Levi Strauss & Co. Originally, overalls were made for people who did physical labor (which, at the time, mostly meant men), and were known for the ease of movement and multifunctionality, thanks to lots of pockets. In the 1960s and beyond, though, the piece became a fashion garment that anyone could wear.

What are some ways to style overalls?

Believe it or not, says Sockel, overalls are "much more versatile than people often think." Think about tops you would normally pair with jeans, and use those for your base layers, she adds. "For a laid-back, street style-inspired aesthetic, add a cropped hoodie as your base layer, with your overalls worn on top. If you’re looking to give your overalls a more polished look, pair them with a crisp white button-down [shirt] and a chunky loafer."

Na appreciates that overalls work well in summer (just layer it with a floral top underneath) and also in winter. "I love leaning into the high-low of overalls, [including] workwear and office wear. In the winter, and some may be surprised, knitwear under a pair of overalls works really well." Schneider recommends traditionally feminine accessories to complete your look. "Consider a skinny belt to define your waist, dainty jewelry, and a fashionable scarf or headband," she says.

There are ways to keep the look feeling modern instead of dated. Stick to ballet flats or a more structured shoe, and add contrast with a tight bodysuit or lace top. Cole explains that it's important to pick the right outerwear, too. "If wearing a jacket or sweater over, opting for a cropped look or a duster is my favorite pairing," she says. "I feel like the cropped jacket draws attention to the waistline and adds an element that breaks the look of overalls up. The duster adds a bit of dramatic flair."

How should overalls look and feel?

Comfort is key: Even when you're making a stylish statement with your pair of overalls, you still want to be able to stand, sit, eat, and move around. "We suggest opting for silhouettes that are tailored without feeling too restrictive. Unlike most jumpsuits, most overalls feature adjustable straps, which helps cater the fit to what feels most comfortable for you," says Sockel.

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  • Aaronica B. Cole is the maker and mom behind the blog The Needle and the Belle. She's also the host of the podcast AudaSEWtea and a mom of three. 
  • Grace Na is the founder and creative director of Pistola. She brings over 15 years of fashion industry experience at the buying, planning, and executive levels. 
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  • Jessica Sockel is a Styling Team Manager at Stitch Fix with nearly five years of experience helping clients discover their style.
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