The 20 Best Puffer Jackets For a Toasty 2024, Tested & Reviewed

Revamp your cold-weather uniform.

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Best Puffer Jackets

InStyle / Danielle St. Pierre

Come winter, shedding the duvet cover may feel more difficult than ever. But because rolling out the house wrapped in bedding is neither stylish nor social acceptable, one can look to a puffer jacket for a similar appeal.

The team at InStyle, too, takes warding off the cold quite seriously, which is why we tested a whopping 51 puffer jackets to find the best of the best. Each option had to impress us in terms of warmth, fit, and thoughtfulness of design (ever put your hands in fleece-lined pockets?). Below, you'll find a variety of shapes and colors. Though, Los Angeles-based fashion and lifestyle content creator Derria Underwood says to take a good look at your closet before choosing a puffer jacket. As you browse, consider something that will pair well with a bunch of items. "That way you can get your cost per wear out of your puffer purchase.”

Our Top Picks
Best Overall:
Alo Yoga Aspen Love Puffer Jacket at (See Price)
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Best Budget:
Amazon Essentials Mock Neck Jacket at Amazon ($72)
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Best Splurge-Worthy:
Canada Goose Garnet Cropped Puffer at (See Price)
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Best Plus-Size:
Girlfriend Collective Long Recycled Puffer at (See Price)
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Best Petite:
L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Puffer Hooded Jacket at L.L.Bean ($119)
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Best Short:
Alo Yoga Gold Rush Puffer at (See Price)
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Best Midi:
Everlane ReNew Long Puffer at ($278)
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Best Long:
Quince Responsible Down Puffer Vest at (See Price)
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Best for Ski:
Halfdays Wheeler Parka at (See Price)
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Best Retro:
The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket at Nordstrom ($231)
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Best Overall

Alo Yoga Aspen Love Puffer Jacket

Alo Yoga Aspen Love Puffer Jacket

Alo Yoga

View On

What We Love: Despite being lightweight, the jacket is incredibly warm.

What We Don’t Love: There are no pockets in the interior lining.

Alo Yoga’s jackets have been a favorite amongst InStyle editors. There was much to love about this jacket, but it all came down to its versatility. We wore this jacket in temperatures as cold as 35 degrees and it kept us perfectly cozy. A surprise on our part, considering how lightweight the jacket was. The filling is made of a vegan down alternative, and yet it had no trouble keeping the cold out. 

We also liked that the hood is removable. It’s quite large, so it did a great job at protecting our entire heads and necks. And on the flip side, we liked that we could remove it on sunny days. This oversized aesthetic could be found throughout the boxy fit of the jacket. We ordered a size small and found it delightfully relaxed without looking bulky. We could have our full range of motion, even with thick layers like crewnecks and sweatshirts underneath. 

The interior was also surprisingly soft, and although it lacked pockets in the lining, the two zippered exterior pockets made of for it. We find ourselves repeatedly wearing this jacket on hikes, commuting, walking our pup, and running errands in the city — it’s truly a great everyday puffer jacket. 

Material: Polyester ripstop, down alternative | Size: XS–L | Colors: 5

Best Budget

Amazon Essentials Mock Neck Jacket



View On Amazon $72

What We Love: The quality is surprisingly great considering the price.

What We Don’t Love: It doesn’t have a hood.

We didn’t get around to testing this jacket (the only one in this list not tested), but considering its affordability and the rave reviews, we thought it was worth a spot on this list. Then under-$60 find is a straightforward, no-frills puffer that's perfect for everyday. It's dense and warm, offering ample shelter from the harsh winter temperatures. 

Reviewers from Canada have even offered a stamp of approval, having said it kept them warm in 14-degree weather. Many other reviewers echo how the quality of the jacket is for its price. While it doesn’t have a hood and the sleeves felt a tad short on people with long arms, they all seem to agree that it's a classic puffer style with great functionality in most cold climates.

Material: Polyester | Size: XS–4XL | Colors: 17

Best Splurge-Worthy

Canada Goose Garnet Cropped Puffer

Canada Goose Garnet Cropped Puffer

Canada Goose

View On View On $1,595

What We Love: There are backpack gaters on the inside. 

What We Don’t Love: The cropped style may not be for everyone.

This, on the other hand, was pretty luxurious. Every feature felt first-rate, from the soft and grippy zippers to the cozy and warm fabric wrist gaiters. The exterior is also waterproof, a feature we inadvertently tested during a sudden downpour. The filling provided an impressive amount of warmth, we would have never guessed it was below freezing with this on. The brand’s claim that one can wear it in temperatures as low as 5 degrees held up well, and somehow, it managed to not look ridiculously puffy. Instead, it looked sleek and minimal while packing maximum heat. 

We even learned that it travels well — after packing it into a suitcase for a long travel day, it came out looking crisp and wrinkle-free. Its surprisingly lightweight nature also lent a hand in its portability. There are backpack straps inside the jacket that allowed us to let the jacket hang off our back without needing to hand carry it. We know $1,500-plus is a considerable investment, but we do believe it’s a one-and-done, once-in-a-lifetime piece.

Material: Pima cotton, responsibly sourced down, feathers | Size: 2XS–XL | Colors: 2

Best Plus-Size

Girlfriend Collective Long Recycled Puffer

Girlfriend Collective Long Recycled Puffer

Girlfriend Collective

View On

What We Love: The mock neck and hood cover everything except the face. 

What We Don’t Love: It’s not a jacket for below-freezing temperatures.

We tested the cropped version of this jacket, but seeing that it’s almost sold out, we’re highlighting its equally stylish long counterpart instead. The first thing to call out is that it’s a great winter jacket for everyday. It is not, however, the jacket you want to bring to Aspen. If below-freezing temperatures are in your plans, then resort back to the Canada Goose options we previously mentioned.

We adored this jacket for running errands and days out in town. The zip goes all the way up the mock neck, covering everything except the face with the hood up. It came with two zippered side pockets as well as one internal chest pocket, all of which were fleece-lined and oh-so-toasty for the hands. And, the eco-conscious label impressively created this jacket with 100 percent recycled materials and no animal products. Factor in the super wide size range (up to 6XL), we really could not have asked for more. 

Material: Recycled polyethylene terephthalate, spandex, recycled plastic bottles | Size: XXS–6XL | Colors: 5

Best Petite

L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Puffer Hooded Jacket

L.L. Bean Women's Mountain Classic Puffer Hooded Jacket

L.L. Bean

View On L.L.Bean $119

What We Love: It’s very insulated and works perfectly on a cold-weather hike. 

What We Don’t Love: It’s too slim to layer other bulky sweaters underneath.

L.L.Bean lets you choose between a regular, petite, and a plus size cut on this jacket. The petite measures 25 inches from the neckline to the hem, compared to 26 inches on the regular. As you can see, it’s a slimmer jacket than the others we tested. We also noticed that it’s much more lightweight, making it easier to pack and bring on trips. With the zipper closed all the way, it was very insulating. Worn open, it was super breathable, so we deemed it the perfect puffer jacket for hiking, running, and cold-weather adventures

We also noticed that the slim fit doesn’t leave much room for layering. While fitted sweaters and shirts can go underneath, crewnecks and hoodies were too bulky for the jacket. We could, however, wear this jacket layered under another more oversized puffer jacket — something we imagine will come in handy at a ski resort. 

Material: Polyester, recycled polyester | Size: Regular, petite, plus, XXS–2XL | Colors: 2

Best Short

Alo Yoga Gold Rush Puffer

Alo Yoga Gold Rush Puffer


View On View On $198 View On Bloomingdales $198

What We Love: It’s lightweight yet very warm. 

What We Don’t Love: It doesn’t have a hood.

Short jackets are a stylish way to cozy up in the winter without looking like the Michelin man. While it does mean less coverage and therefore less warmth overall, we found that the parts that the jacket did cover were extremely toasty.  

Where style is concerned, this jacket wins — it looked (and therefore we felt) great while running errands or heading to the yoga studio, paired with any athleisure outfit. But it doesn't only look good. The exterior is water-repellant, making it practical, too. You’ll still need an umbrella since it has no hood, but the high collar protected our necks from strong winds. Fit-wise, it wasn't too bulky and the arm length was just right. We kept our phones in the inside pocket, which we found quite handy. Overall, we found it to be a great choice for trend-focused people who are more concerned about style than warmth. 

Material: Recycled ripstop, nylon | Size: XS–L | Colors: 5

Best Midi

Everlane ReNew Long Puffer

Everlane The ReNew Long Puffer


View On $278

What We Love: It’s very thick, heavyweight, and warm.

What We Don’t Love: It’s not waterproof.

Just by holding this jacket in our hands, we could already tell that the cold stood no chance – it almost felt like a weighted blanket. When we wore it, it was indeed impermeable, though this also meant it was not very breathable. In other words, those living in cold and windy climates – like, say, Chicago – would truly benefit from this pick. 

We also particularly loved the big cargo pockets on the front. We could easily step out of the house without a purse, stuffing our pockets with our wallets, phones, snacks, and a dog leash instead. The hidden drawstring around the waist offered a little shape as well. It isn’t, however, waterproof. While we didn’t get soaked immediately when stepping into Seattle’s sprinkling rain, after about an hour the jacket was drenched and took hours to air-dry completely.

Material: Recycled polyester | Size: XXS–XL | Colors: 3

Best Long

Quince Responsible Down Puffer Vest

Quince Women's Responsible Down Puffer Vest


View On

What We Love: The interior is lined with a soft fabric for maximum cozyness.

What We Don’t Love: It’s very puffy, making you look a little like a marshmallow.

Anyone truly fearing the cold would appreciate this long puffer from Quince. It was puffy yet lightweight — almost airy — which was surprising given the warmth it offered in the late fall when we tested it. Still, we feel confident it would keep one cozy through the harsher months of winter, such as January and February, just as it did in November.

It had all we could imagine in a long puffer jacket — thumb holes, an interior breast pocket, a luxurious exterior, a removable hood, a high collar, and buttons on the left and right of the hem to open the jacket up for mobility. 

Material: Recycled polyester, nylon, responsible goose down, goose feathers | Size: XS–XL | Colors: 5

Best for Ski

Halfdays Wheeler Parka

Halfdays Wheeler Parka


View On

What We Love: The large lapel collars can be flipped up and buttoned around the neck.

What We Don’t Love: The pockets don’t zip closed.

Have a ski trip planned? You won’t want to go there without this parka. It’s packed with PrimaLoft Thermoplume fill, which will keep you warm in temperatures down to negative 30 degrees. With a hood that completely wraps around your face and large lapel collars that can be buttoned around the neck, there’s no chance for the winter wind to reach your skin. We wore this to the gym with nothing underneath except a sports bra, and we were very warm. But don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely roomy enough for thick sweaters. It's so spacious that if you wanted to, you could size it down for a more fitted look

A downside was that the pockets didn’t zip. While there is a little flap covering the pocket opening, we would be careful not to place any valuables in it if you’re using it to ski. 

Material: Recycled nylon, recycled polyester, PrimaLoft filling | Size: XS–2XL | Colors: 3

Best Retro

The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket


The North Face

View On Nordstrom $231 View On The North Face View On Dick's

What We Love: It strikes a balance of warm, breathable, and lightweight like a champ. 

What We Don’t Love: Although there is a hoodie, it’s not puffed like the rest of the jacket and looks a little strange.

Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski crowned this classic the It jacket for winter, and it had everyone else in a frenzy trying to get their hands on it — including us, of course, and here are our two cents on it. 

The first thing we noticed was how warm and comfortable the jacket was. Despite being filled with dense goose down, it’s quite lightweight and breathable — a masterful combination that’s hard to achieve in jackets. And despite its bulkiness, we still exercised a full range of motion. Other features include velcro cuffs, an adjustable bungee cord at the hem, and a removable hood that can be tucked away in a roomy interior pocket. But it's worth noting that the hood is not puffy like the rest of the jacket, and we found it to look a little silly. Still, the beloved North Face label did not disappoint, giving us a sleek jacket that will prove useful for years to come.

Material: Recycled nylon ripstop | Size: XXS–3XL | Colors: 8

Best Lightweight

On Challenger Jacket

On Running Challenger Jacket

On Running

View On View On Bloomingdales $450

What We Love: It’s so light that it almost feels like wearing a cloud. 

What We Don’t Love: It only comes in one color.

Appearances may be deceiving here, but trust us: this is the lightest puffer jacket we’ve ever tried. It’s like wearing a cloud, but that’s not to say it’s not insulating. Quite to the contrary, we wore it in temperatures down to 30 degrees and were surprised at how toasty we felt in the jacket’s embrace. We particularly loved the length of the jacket, as it was neither too short nor too long. It made it easy to layer hoodies underneath without anything poking out from the bottom. 

Speaking of hoods, there's one with a reflective lining on it, which can be found on the chest as well. The hem has a drawstring cord on it which helped to block out some more of that wind. And of course, it’s pocket-galore on this jacket, with an interior zipper chest pocket, interior mesh pockets, and exterior zippered hand pockets. There’s also a neoprene thumb hole, which is always appreciated, and a unique air vent in the back that unzips down the spine to reveal a mesh panel for breathability. So, perhaps needless to say, we were impressed with how much thought and care went into creating this jacket, delivering quality in material and features all the same. 

Material: Polyamide, elastane | Size: XXS–XXL | Colors: 1

Best Everyday

Eddie Bauer Altamira Down Parka

Eddie Bauer Women's Altamira Down Parka


View On Amazon View On

What We Love: It’s both breathable and well-insulated, making it comfortable for a range of temperatures. 

What We Don’t Love: It’s a little longer in real life than pictured on the model.

As our favorite everyday piece, we wanted to pick something lightweight, warm, and movement-friendly (and of course, cute). The Eddie Bauer parka checked off all of the boxes. The quilted jacket is quite long, almost reaching our five-foot-seven tester’s knees, with the back running a little longer than the front. A drawstring helped to bring some definition to the waist.

We could comfortably wear this without freezing or overheating in brisk weather. Because of its lightweight properties, we were able to complete some yard work (raking leaves) while wearing the jacket and didn't have any discomfort or restrictions in movement. 

Material: Down, nylon | Size: XS–XXL | Colors: 6

Best Down

Triple Fat Goose Brenay Puffer Coat

Triple Fat Goose Brenay Puffer Coat

Triple Fat Goose

View On

What We Love: A 750 goose-down fill makes this one of the warmest options on the list.

What We Don’t Love: It says it’s water-resistant, but it can only manage about an hour in the rain before it starts to soak in.

We can’t emphasize enough how warm this jacket is. The 750 goose-down fill power makes it practically impervious to wind. The zipped pockets and the interior lining have a soft felt fabric that adds to its comfort as well. 

Although oversized jackets provide more coverage, this shorter hem feels more clean-cut and stylish. Rather than looking like a blanket burrito, we were able to look put together in this coat without sacrificing warmth. The zipper goes all the way up to the chin, and when the drawstrings around the detachable hood are tightly pulled, we can completely cover our heads with little to no wind passing through.

Material: Goose down, nylon | Size: XS–3XL | Colors: 2

Best Waterproof

Aritzia Super Puff



View On

What We Love: Despite all the puff, the jacket is very lightweight.

What We Don’t Love: While other Super Puff jackets have a flap over the zip for extra coverage, this one does not.

On any given day, you’ll find the commuters at the InStyle office decked out in the Aritzia Super Puff jacket. Some, like myself, have the classic Super Puff. Others have the cinched Super Alps Puff (which is nearly sold out). Here, though, we also want to highlight the waterproof Super Puff, which comes highly recommended by New York City-based digital creator and stylist Michelle Blashka. The exterior of this jacket is waterproof to protect the goose down filling from getting soaked, weighing you down, and ultimately making you cold. And yet, it’s deceivingly lightweight, despite plenty of puff, making this number a surprisingly easy piece to travel with.

It's also incredibly insulating. I’ve worn this piece snowboarding in Canada and stayed delightfully toasty through the snow and winds. Others who have tested also share a love for the fleece-lined pockets — something that’s not only cozy for the hands but adds an extra layer of fabric protection around our phones (which notoriously die in freezing weather). 

Material: Responsibly sourced goose down, polyamide, polyurethane, nylon, elastane | Size: 3XS–2XL | Colors: 15

Best Value

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket


View On

What We Love: Despite its lightweight nature, it’s incredibly insulating.

What We Don’t Love: It loses some of its feathers in the first week of ownership.

The Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket hits a trifecta of perks, which include quality, price, and warmth, which is why it’s a favorite for Blashka as well. As a bonus, it's travel-friendly, given its light weight and the packing pouch included.

We were blown away that a jacket for under $100 could be so soft and insulating. Despite its ultra-thin design, we sweated while wearing it on mild winter days in New York. The pouch it comes with makes it really easy to travel with; it became so small that it fit into a larger purse. When we unpacked it again, it didn’t come out wrinkled or deflated. We did notice, however, some feathers poking out of the seams in some locations. 

Material: Nylon, down, polyester | Size: XXS–XXL | Colors: 8

Best Fleece-Lined

Ugg Cropped Puffer Jacket

Ugg Ronney Cropped Puffer Jacket


View On Amazon $198 View On $198

What We Love: The fleece lining can be found in the hood and the pockets as well. 

What We Don’t Love: The jacket runs a little large, and sizing down is an option.

What’s on the inside is just as important as what’s on the outside, which is why we love this fleece-lined jacket for maximum cozy points. The knitted interior can be found in the hood and pockets as well, making it an all-around comfortable experience. It runs a little large, however, so if you want it to feel more snug we recommend sizing it down.

More than just a warm embrace, the material was evidently high-quality. It never snagged, ripped, or frayed even when our dog jumped on us. The zipper glided smoothly and the puff never deflated. Although it’s a little too bulky for high-intensity activities (like running), it’s been the perfect jacket for running errands in the city.

Material: Nylon, polyester, synthetic down | Size: XXS–XL | Colors: 1

Best Colorful

Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket

Cotopaxi Fuego Hooded Down Jacket


View On Amazon $295 View On $295 View On REI $110

What We Love: The hood stays on securely even while running

What We Don’t Love: Aesthetically, it’s not very versatile.

Ditch the black coat and opt for something colorful, like this piece from Cotopaxi that has a range of fun bright hues to choose from. We picked the Maritime/Raspberry version, and somehow, it lifted our moods every time we put it on. Beyond just cute, however, we were blown away by the jacket's functionality. 

It’s light as a feather and can be rolled into a tiny pouch, making it easy to throw into a backpack without adding weight. It protected us against winds in cold temperatures — we would go so far as to say it’s warmer than some of our usual (and heavier) coats we’ve been wearing on the daily. It has a water-resistant fabric, adjustable drawcord at the hem, and elastic binding at the hood and cuffs. In other words, it stayed put and didn’t flail around as we ran. Swedish winter sport influencer Ebba Forsgren says she frequently takes these kinds of puffers as base layers under even bigger puffers when she’s snow-trekking in the mountains in extremely cold conditions. 

Material: Responsibly sourced down, nylon | Size: XXS–3XL | Colors: 13

Best Hood

Helly Hansen Tundra Down Coat

Helly Hansen Women's Tundra Down Coat

Helly Hansen

View On View On Zappos $327 View On

What We Love: The puffy collar and oversized hood combined kept our heads completely covered. 

What We Don’t Love: The zipper is neither centered nor smooth. 

This is for anyone living in climates where the winters are frequently in the below-freezing range. Wearing this long coat felt like wrapping ourselves in a big blanket before stepping out in the cold. We were able to wear it to soccer games where standing outside for long hours was unavoidable, and it properly kept us snug. The generously sized hood consumed our heads, while the puffy collar protected our necks from the wind. Make no mistake, however, the Helly Hansen coat is very lightweight — it felt as though there was no weight on our shoulders. 

It has a slightly interesting design, however, with an asymmetrical closure that wraps onto the left side a little and stops three-quarters of the way down. This wasn’t a feature we particularly loved, especially since the zipper was difficult to align and hook (seriously, sometimes we had to awkwardly stand there for a few minutes just trying to get the zips to hook). It took some getting used to, but soon enough we got good at handling the closure of this jacket. 

Material: Polyester, polyamide, duck down, duck feathers | Size: XS–XL | Colors: 5

Best Hiking

Lolë Emeline Down Jacket

Nordstrom Lolë Emeline Down Jacket


View On Nordstrom $159 View On

What We Love: There are deep interior and exterior pockets big enough for a bunch of items. 

What We Don’t Love: The jacket runs a little large, so we recommend sizing down.

Heading to the mountains? You’ll want something light, breathable, and movement-friendly, and this jacket from Lolë is all of the above. We found this jacket most comfortable in temperatures between 40 and 70 degrees — it’s not thick enough for anything below and it’s too insulating for anything above. 

It's super lightweight, which makes it ideal for traveling and hiking. Because it’s a little oversized, it allowed for our full range of motion. We liked the little scrunch in the back which gave the jacket a little figure. There were also two very deep inner and outer pockets, big enough to fit all of our hiking essentials (minus a water bottle). If it got too hot, we could easily fold the feather-like garment up and place it in a backpack without it taking up much space or feeling heavy. 

Material: Nylon, polyester, down | Size: XXS–XXL | Colors: 15

Best Packable

Outdoor Research Helium Down Hoodie

REI Outdoor Research Women's Helium Down Hoodie


View On Amazon View On REI $299 View On

What We Love: A pocket big enough to hold two gloves is hidden in the interior of the jacket. 

What We Don’t Love: There are no thumb cuffs.

Our tester was so impressed with this jacket that she named it her favorite and the highest quality jacket she’s ever owned. Let’s dive into the why.

To begin, the jacket is incredibly insulating, yet breathable and lightweight; it barely weighs a pound She wore it outside during a football game in 30-degree temperatures without feeling a chill. She also wore it on hikes and cross-country skiing without worrying about a limited range of motion. Inside the left pocket is a clip to secure items like keys or a ski pass. A handy chest pocket kept cell phones safe and fairly warm as well. There’s also one large pocket on the inside of the jacket big enough to hold gloves. In other words, there’s nothing the designers of this jacket didn’t think about. A drawstring closure for the hood? Check. Smart stitching for a cinched-in effect? Check, check. 

Material: Nylon, responsibly sourced down | Size: XS–4XL | Colors: 6

Our Testing Process

We tested 51 puffer jackets that varied in length, style, and filling type. The respective editors wore the jackets for two weeks in November and took note of the quality of the design details (smooth zippers, clean stitchings, feathers poking out), as well as their warmth and overall functionality, noting if additional perks like thumb holes or removable hoods provided any benefits. They experimented with styling, too, and better understood the occasions for which the jackets were best. Of all that we tested, 20 received top marks.

What to Keep in Mind


Many puffer jackets have either goose- or duck-down filling, which reign supreme in terms of warmth. However, those looking to skip animal products won’t necessarily miss out on the benefits, Senior Vice President of Product and Merchandising at Land’s End, Kym Maas tells InStyle. An animal-free polyester fill can be as warm as down. “Over the years, [it’s] come a long way,” she says. Still, Forsgren points out, “Down has a better warmth-to-weight ratio, which is nice when packing [for a trip.” But consider the location you’re heading to, she adds, as synthetics retain warmth more effectively when wet, so if skiing is on your itinerary, then the latter may be the best option for you. 

Weather Resistance

Fall, winter, and early spring are typically subject to cold, wet days, so having a jacket that will hold up well in that set of conditions is only logical. While most puffers boast a water-resistant technology, look at the specs for further information. There are three tiers of weather-proofing to look out for: water-resistant, water-repellent, and waterproof. Water-resistant jackets can block water intrusion to some degree, but it isn’t a promise, whereas water-repellent coats will keep water from penetrating during an average rain but not necessarily big downpours. Anything labeled as waterproof is a tall claim but should be impervious to water.


A jacket needs to be more than just cute and warm. Special features, like a drawstring hem or fleece-lined pockets, as well as overall design decisions, like the total number of pockets, are worth considering, too. We liked a few jackets with removable hoods, including Quince’s Responsible Down Long Puffer Jacket and Alo Yoga’s Aspen Love Puffer Jacket. Some non-negotiables for Underwood include not only a hood but a high-neck collar to keep the air all the way out. In the name of aesthetics, she also

Your Questions, Answered

How do you style a puffer jacket?

Mini jackets, which fall anywhere between your waist and hips, suit chunky sweaters with wide-leg pants and a lug sole loafer or boot, recommends Blashka. If it’s more on the cropped side, she continues that they may be more fashion than function, but “if you’re petite a cropped jacket might work better for your proportions.” A pleated mini skirt and knee-high boots also work wonders with a mini jacket, according to Underwood. Try it with the Alo Yoga Gold Rush Puffer or the The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket. 

Midi jackets, like the Everlane The ReNew Long Puffer, are perhaps the most versatile. Underwood would go the athleisure route, she says, by “styling it either with a form-fitting bodysuit or sports bra and some high-waisted leggings and slouch socks.” It would look equally as cool with some jeans and a turtleneck sweater, however, if you want to style it for the office. 

For long puffers, it's best to consider the shoes first and foremost, as they'll be on display at all times. “I love to juxtapose the more casual and voluminous silhouette of a long puffer jacket with structured trousers, a turtleneck cable-knit top, retro shades, and chunky boots or stiletto boots depending on the occasion," fashion content creator Kara Fabella says.

How do you repair a puffer jacket?

Getting caught by a thorny bush and ripping your precious puffer is no fun, but it happens. Lucky for you, down patches exist — although they mostly come in neutral colors, with some offering blue and green options. Before jumping to patching it up, make sure to keep as much of the down in place as possible. Lay the jacket flat on a table and hold one of these patches down on top. Press down firmly for a few seconds and it’ll stick.

How do you wash a puffer jacket?

Each jacket comes with its own wash instructions, but the general consensus is to avoid machine washing. If the exterior gets dirty, spot clean with a wet cloth or bring it to a dry cleaner. Since there's usually a layer of clothes between your jacket and your skin, the interior remains quite clean. If you use a washing machine, make sure to do so with cold water.

What is the difference between a down jacket and a puffer jacket?

Maas explains that one refers to the material and the other refers to the style. The difference between the two jackets is which material is used for insulation. A down jacket uses down fiber from goose or duck, while a puffer jacket’s insulation can be synthetic (polyester). In appearance, both of these look similar.”

Why Shop With Us

Bianca Kratky is a commerce writer for InStyle with three years of experience covering fashion and lifestyle products. As someone with a very low tolerance for the cold, she always has a number of puffer jackets in rotation. To write this article, she consulted the following experts:

  • Kara Fabella is a fashion content creator.
  • Ebba Forsgren is a Swedish outdoor sports influencer.
  • Kym Maas is Senior Vice President of Product and Merchandising at Land’s End.
  • Michelle Blashka is a digital creator and fashion stylist.
  • Derria Underwood is a fashion content creator.
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