A Shopper in Their 50s Said This Now-$14 Retinol Serum Plumped Their “Droopy Cheeks”

It’s formulated with peptides and vitamin C, too.

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shoppers in their 70s say this serum "tightens" skin and looks great under makeup

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There is a lot of noise in the anti-aging skincare market — hundreds of ingredients and products promising to be the solution to wrinkles and plumpness. Vetting the actual efficacy of all these products requires (almost) more money than Jeff Bezos has and more time than we are allotted in life. Streamline things by heading straight for a product with retinol in the formula, it is, after all, one of the only topical FDA-approved anti-aging skincare ingredients. To get particularly specific, try Ebanel’s Retinol Peptide Serum, which is currently just $14 on Amazon and has 1,700-plus five-star ratings. 

Ebanel’s Retinol Serum is a great product because it combines the guaranteed benefits of retinol with the pretty scientifically supported benefits of peptides and 2.5 percent liposomal. The brand claims that this combination leads to firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and age spots.  

Ebanel Liposomal 2.5% Retinol Serum


Buy on Amazon $19 $14

At $19 (now-$14) I can understand how this serum might seem too good to be true — but a quick science lesson and deep dive into shopper reviews should assure you that’s not the case. The FDA-approved retinol is the titular hero ingredient and with good reason; It’s got every age-defying benefit you could ask for. It penetrates deep into the skin where it prevents new wrinkles, reduces the severity of existing ones, smooths out texture, fades discoloration, and stimulates collagen production. Peptides aid with collagen production, too, and counteract some of retinol’s potential dehydration. Vitamin C is packed with antioxidants that brighten skin and protect it from environmental aggressors like pollution and sun damage. All in all, it’s a pretty well-rounded trio of ingredients.

One shopper said this Ebanel Retinol Serum made their skin look so much “brighter, tighter, and younger” that their coworker asked if they had gotten a facial. Another shopper said it “gives [them] a nice glowy look” under their makeup. One more shopper in their 50s said this serum made their skin “perfectly smooth, plumped [their] droopy cheeks,” and shrunk their pores. 

Head to Amazon to shop Ebanel’s Retinol Peptide Serum while it’s just $14. 

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