5 Fashion Experts Share Their Go-To Airport Outfits

Cute meets comfortable is the winning combination for any flight. Here are some ideas for what to wear on your next trip.

5 Fashion Experts Share Their Go-To Airport Outfits
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A vital part of packing for vacation is planning your en-route ensemble, especially if your mode of transportation from point A to point vacay is an airplane. Once upon a time, the standard travel uniform was sweats or yoga pants and anything else you deemed comfortable. Now, airport outfits give new meaning to the word "runway," and the act of boarding is akin to strutting on a catwalk.

But while airport outfits are certainly more elevated than they were years ago (they upgraded around the time in-flight skincare became a thing), personal style coach and founder at Hamilton Styling Yolandie Hamilton says freedom of movement is still a crucial component if you intend to have a comfortable flight.

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"If you'll be on the plane or in the airport for a really long time, considering the flexibility and breathability of the fabrics [of your clothing] is key," Hamilton tells InStyle. "Consider opting for a jersey or other knit that will stretch and breathe, allowing you to be comfortable no matter the circumstances."

Airport Outfits
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Another hack for airport dressing is to always, always, always layer up. "Not all airports are created equal in terms of climate control," Hamilton warns, and if you have multiple layovers, you're not guaranteed the same temperature settings from one locale to the next. Plus, planes are generally cooler, Hamilton notes, so it's always a good idea to pack a cardigan or hoodie (or both) in your carry-on to make sure you're covered.

And while accessories can make any outfit special, they can make traveling a nightmare, specifically when going through customs. Rather than layering on your favorite bangles or necklaces, Hamilton suggests swapping your jewelry for embellished or patterned tops or bottoms, details that make an item special as-is.

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Keeping these pillars in mind, we asked Hamilton and four other fashion experts to break down their go-to airport outfits below.

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Practical Meets Comfortable

Airport Outfits
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The Expert: Yolandie Hamilton, Personal Style Coach and Founder of Hamilton Styling

The Tip: Hamilton's go-to airport outfit is deeply rooted in practicality and consists of elastic-waisted, wide-leg, black jersey pants, a colorful top, and an easy-to-stow cardigan with slip-on shoes.

"I can kick off [my shoes] if needed on the plane. The rest of my outfit's components all allow me to control how warm or cool I feel in any situation, as well as limit any physical squeezing or restriction — like binding denim waistbands — when sitting for a long time."

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Basics and a Blazer

Airport Outfits
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The Expert: Ali Mejia, Eberjey Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

The Tip: Mejia tells InStyle if she's jet-setting somewhere, it's likely her outfit will involve either a jogger from Eberjey or roomy vintage Levi's paired with a lightweight cotton top. Layers, she says, are also crucial, so she'll wrap a cozy sweater around her neck and toss a pair of socks in her bag, just in case the plane is chilly. But the key piece that really pulls the look together? An oversized boyfriend blazer. "The combination of slouchy and polished feels refined yet unfussy."

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Your Favorite Statement Piece

Airport Outfits
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The Expert: Ashley Pruitt, Stylist

The Tip: Less is more for this stylist when it comes to airport outfits. "I always go to my basics," says Pruitt, citing a great pair of denim that isn't too tight (her favorite is the AGOLDE relax crop bootcut), a vintage leather jacket, sneakers, and a classic T-shirt. As for accessories, she considers her travel bag to be the main attraction. "I have had a leather LANVIN tote that has been in my wardrobe for 7 years. I can beat it up, and never goes out of style when on the run."

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Elevated Loungewear

Airport Outfits
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The Expert: Gabbi Maragos, Wardrobe Stylist

The Tip: For Maragos, it's all about the comfy bottoms when piecing together an airport outfit. "You can easily dress [joggers] up or down and they are built for comfort," she tells InStyle. "I can pair a set with my Chanel espadrilles or sneakers, a tank, and a little bomber jacket or denim jacket." The possibilities are endless, and the result is always stylish.

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Anything Wrinkle-Free

Airport Outfits
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The Expert: Kate Bock, Model and Entrepreneur

The Tip: Got wrinkles? Sitting on a plane for hours is bound to cause some bend in the materials of your outfit — something Bock prefers to avoid. "My favorite pieces for summer travel are long pants that are lightweight and don't wrinkle, like the Anine Bing Billie Pants," she says. "They look put-together but are so comfortable."

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