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Night Moves: Joy Sunday Loves Lancôme Juicy Tubes and Paints on Eyeliner Like Van Gogh

The ‘Wednesday’ star and Lancôme’s new global ambassador just wants to dance.

Night Moves explores going out through the lens of beauty. Here, discover how your favorite stars get ready to paint the town red, including what music they're playing to set the mood, the essentials decorating their vanity, and which must-have products are taking up precious real estate in their evening bag.

Describe your perfect night out.

I’m with a group of people who love to have a good time — and especially love to dance. I’m so enthusiastic on the dance floor. I can literally be seen all around the world dancing right next to the DJ. I love people who dance! It doesn’t matter if they can; it’s just the excitement. I love being in a room with people who love music and are passionate about sounds and community. I recently had the most fun in Berlin for reasons we might all know…

If you could get ready for a night with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Well, we’d have to be in South Africa because it’s Brenda Fassie. She was an iconic South African pop star, probably Africa’s first pop star, and really one of the most preeminent pop stars of the ‘80s. She was such a bright spirit, and an AIDS and queer activist. She looked like she was the best time! I loved her music growing up, and I think she inspired me to want to be a pop star. I know she can get down on the [dance] floor.

Night Moves: Joy Sunday

Courtesy of Lancôme

What are your top three getting-ready tracks?

This is really, really tough for me. I am somebody who has at least 80 playlists. You can check that. One of them is 400 hours long. So this is an extensive and very studied answer. The first one is “Dance for You” by Empress Of. I love it because it’s a pop ballad that’s just so searching and yearning, and such a great time. My second would be “What’s Your Name” by Doechii, which, again, is another bright, empowering, and exciting type of song. And then the next — which is a song that I fell in love with again recently — it’s called “Bad Boy Business” by Shy FX. It’s a jungle breakbeat song! Switching between those is something I love to do when I go out. I can dance to anything, and it’s a song I think really exemplifies that. 

Do you have any pre-going-out beauty rituals?

I love to do the Lancôme Génifique mask. It’s so sleek and it’s very comfortable. It fits right on my face, and I can just keep it on while I do other things. It’s quick and easy, but it completely refreshes my skin and just makes me glow. I love to do more natural makeup on myself, mostly because I am not exactly really skilled. I love to just set my skin for the night, and I feel like a mask can really just get me going. Truthfully, after that, I pretty much just go into makeup.

Night Moves: Joy Sunday

Courtesy of Lancome

Describe your makeup vibe in three words.

Effective, dewy, and sultry.

What’s your pre-going-out makeup routine?

I’m very much a finger painter, a van Gogh of my skin. I love just to apply [makeup] with my hands. I think it makes it easier for me to control what I’m doing, especially since I’m not the best artist. I’ll begin with eyes, probably with liner. I’m very good at liners. Typically, I do the classic black eyeliner, but especially if I have a monochrome thing going on, I might throw on the Idôle Ultra-Precise eyeliner in a really beautiful teal-ish green or a darker blue. I’ll use that to maybe accent black eyeliner or wear it by itself. Then, I’ll do a cute lip, probably a gloss. I love the Lancôme Juicy Tubes, love them. There’s all the varieties and colors, whatever I'm feeling, whether it's the clear, the light pink, or the brighter pink. 

Night Moves: Joy Sunday

Courtesy of Lancôme

What fragrance do you mist on before you run out the door?

I kind of cheat because I use lotion as a fragrance. I recently put on the Lancôme La Vie Est Belle lotion, and I was in the room, and somebody said, “What perfume did you put on? It’s so pretty!” I love to use a scent like that. And then sometimes I shake it up. I like to make my own fragrances. It’ll be more more custom, but it’ll always be warm with a little floral, probably rose.

Night Moves: Joy Sunday

Courtesy of Lancôme

What essentials do you tote around in your evening bag?

I can’t go anywhere without lip balm. I’m devastated if I leave the house without it. I look for the nearest source to replenish. I also keep lotion on deck; I can’t have my hands not moisturized. I also like to keep a Juicy Tube close to me because whenever I need to redo my lips, I’ll just throw some lip gloss on, and I’m set for the night. I definitely also have my headphones. It's funny because it's not like I'll use it, but I'll always have a journal on me, even if I'm going to the club. And my glasses and a mobile charger.

What’s your skin-care routine when you get home?

I immediately go to my face with a makeup wipe, especially if I have any sort of foundation or anything like that on. And then makeup remover; it’s very effective, very soft on my eyes. So I’ll use that, take my eye makeup off with maybe a pad and then I’ll cleanse my face, and I’ll put on some serum, wait a little bit, put on some lotion on night. As I said, because I like my makeup pretty natural, it’s important to me that I keep up with my skin and wake up feeling refreshed!

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