Kelly Chiello

Kelly Chiello - InStyle Senior Visuals Editor
Title: Associate Photo Director
Education: Fashion Institute of Technology
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Expertise: Photography
  • Kelly is InStyle’s associate photo director and has been with the brand since 2017. Her work has helped shape the brand’s visual identity. She produces photo shoots, commissions artwork, and designs imagery for the site.
  • Previously, she worked as a digital photo editor for New York Magazine.


Kelly is New-York based creative producer who has worked in fashion media for the last decade. She joined InStyle in 2017, where she was an Associate Photo Editor and has worked her way up to Associate Photo Director. Kelly oversees all photoshoot production for the digital issues, fashion, beauty and celebrity shoots, as well as curating and photo-editing images for the website.

Prior to InStyle, she was the online photo editor for New York Magazine, specializing in all verticals with a focus on Vulture and The Cut. She researched, designed and licensed for those brands, up-keeping brand identity and exploring creative narratives.


Kelly received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a minor in Art History.

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