Kristen Stewart Posed in Nothing But a Jockstrap and Leather Jacket

And she still has some complicated feelings about 'Twilight.'

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Actress Kristen Stewart is opening up, in more ways than one, in a tell-all Rolling Stone profile that just hit the website today.

The title features the actress’s quote, “I want to do the gayest thing you’ve ever seen in your life,” and the spread is accompanied by a range of racy photos, including one of Stewart with her hand inside her, uh, jockstrap. (The athletic underwear features prominently throughout the multi-photo spread.) Another shot shows her taking off a T-shirt that says “Driven by PRIDE” on the back.

The interview touches on Stewart’s complicated feelings about the Twilight franchise. “If I got through the entire Twilight series without ever doing a Rolling Stone cover, it’s because the boys were the sex symbols,” she told the writer, Alex Morris. But she seemed frustrated when Morris asked about her former relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson: “It’s like if someone kept asking you — I mean for literally decades — ‘But senior year in high school?’ You’re like, ‘Fucking A, man! I don’t know!’”

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Stewart, who is engaged to Dylan Meyer, wore a mullet during the interview with a “worn, black T-shirt with holes in both armpits, baggy black jeans, and chipped black nail polish.” She appeared to be both happier and in better shape than ever, as the upcoming movie she’s starring in, Love Lies Bleeding, revolves around a bodybuilder with a queer “vibe.”

The role seemed thrilling for Stewart, who seems to have no need for gendered expectations of any kind. She told the interviewer that she’s “very fluid, and I’ve never felt like, ‘Oh, wow, I was doing this lie for a long time in order to get jobs.’ That would be wrong.” 

Of her Love Lies Bleeding role, she told Rolling Stone, she tried to defy all tropes around what a “strong woman” looks like. Regarding acting itself, Stewart is all-in, saying, “There was never a moment where I was like, ‘Man, what am I doing with the time that I have on this Earth?’ I don’t know what the fuck else I’d be doing. I love it.”

Love Lies Bleeding will be released on Mar. 8.

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