27 Après-Ski Outfits to Channel Cold-Weather Chic

Just you, sitting by the fire, sipping hot buttered rum.

A woman wearing silver moon boots

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These days, street style dressing in winter is more chic than ever. From effortlessly casual outfits to all-white 'fits (yes, even after Labor Day) and cool outfits you made out of yoga pants, there's a ton of ways to stay cool and comfortable even when the temperatures drop. But the latest innovation in comfy-cozy-chic dressing is après-ski: looking like you just came off of the slopes after a long day of skiing or snowboarding. It's one part casual vacation, one part couture, and 100 percent cool.

So how do you pull it off? If we're getting technical, après-ski literally means "after skiing," and it's the period where you're curled up, having swapped your ski boots for snow boots, and are sipping something by the fire. Use that image as your guide, even if you're just walking on your commute—what's amazing is that fashionistas are taking après-ski to the streets, so there's lots of inspo.

Grab your chunkiest scarves, padded snow boots (sometimes called moon boots), and futuristic sunglasses, and get ready to start dressing après-ski immediately.

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A Balaclava

apres ski - brown jacket and balaclava


Instead of a warm hat and a scarf, why not an accessory that does both? The balaclava is the cold-weather staple that you didn't know you needed. Adding a bulky jacket and snow boot, then a touch of class with a small print bag, absolutely screams "I'm warm and chic." Don't forget the thematic sunglasses!

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A Sexy Salopette

apres ski - salopette


Ski pants don't have to look silly and bulky! Technically this is a fashion salopette (I don't know how functional it would actually be on the slopes), but I absolutely believe that this person can be found at a ski chalet sipping hot chocolate. The white color (and the graphic black and white of the rest of the outfit) keeps it from feeling cosplay.

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Strategic Boots

apres ski - red leggings and snow boots


If you weren't looking closely, these could totally pass as snow boots instead of the chained chunky boots they actually are. The jacket looks like a ski suit, the pants look like sports leggings, and the whole vibe is "skiwear but for the street." Thanks to the handbag, though, it's not overly sporty.

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Ski Sunglasses

apres ski - ski sunglasses


If you want to dip a toe into the après-ski trend, a low-stakes way to do it is with your eyewear. The snow boots are also a nice touch to make the look cold weather appropriate, but the sunglasses really look functional for a wintry mountain vacation. Add a scarf jacket as an extra cozy touch.

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Just the Boots

apres ski - snow boots


Got some cool-yet-functional snow boots? You're halfway there! The rest of the outfit could function as a cool street style 'fit, thanks to the oversized double-breasted long coat, but the surprising shoe takes it from "business meeting" to "elevated winter outfit" in a flash.

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Fashion Goggles

apres ski - goggles


I mean. Look at this perfectly normal winter outfit (wrap coat, leggings, and boots—check, check, and check) and then add ski goggles. That's it! That's the whole move! And yet it someone feels so fun and joyful—really leaning into the trend without an ounce of irony—that I can't help but love it.

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Snow UGGs

apres ski - uggs


UGGs are pretty ubiquitous in cold-weather outfits. But, with a little bit of careful forethought, they can feel incredibly chic. These low flatforms with complementary socks, white leggings, and a warm puffer coat make it look like you switched out your ski boots, threw on a coat and bag, and left your hotel room.

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The Puffer

apres ski - black puffer


Any true cold-weather outfit starts with the puffer coat, but thanks to the modernized version, it doesn't have to make you look like a marshmallow. Adèle Exarchopoulos shows us how it's done by keeping the rest of the look tonal with some contrasting boots.

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A (Faux) Fur Coat

apres ski - coat


A warm statement coat is a nice alternative to a puffer (and faux fur can keep you almost as warm!). Add on a contrasting scarf and some really noticeable snow boots, and you've got a fully maximalist après-ski style.

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The Trusted Beanie

apres ski - beanie and long coat


If you want to look chic and stay warm, elevate your look with a statement beanie. Keep the rest of the outfit simple—you can never go wrong with a long puffer—and offer dimension and surprise with some light-colored footwear.

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A Statement Poncho

apres ski - poncho


While the poncho is, perhaps, not the warmest option in your arsenal of comfy-cozy styles, it is very après-ski. Envision yourself coming in from a long day of snowy activities, taking off your waterlogged jacket, and effortlessly throwing on this striped number.

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Textured Leggings

apres ski - fendi leggings


Not all of us can pull off Fendi contrast leggings, but if you can—do it. The sheer mesh wouldn't be the right move for a trip to the actual slopes (let functionality dictate your decisions there) but this is a great after-hours 'fit to change into.

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A Sense of Humor

apres ski - graphic sweater


Ha! I enjoy a good self-referential moment, in which a clearly après-ski outfit (warm flannel, cozy sweater) contrasts with the message that this person is simply too busy skiing on the slopes to warm up by the fire.

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All Flannel Everything

apres ski - flannel


There's flannel, and then there's flannel on flannel on flannel. The key here is to choose one color that serves as a guiding principle (in this case, red), and then feel free to experiment with different patterns and layers. Imagine how cozy you'll be.

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Animal Print

apres ski - animal print


Animal print is always a classic, so don't hesitate to nab some snow boots in a pattern like these (you can treat them like neutrals and pair them with brown and black, like this). A matching bag is a level-up.

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The Modern Snow Suit

apres ski - white outfit


Remember those thick, puffy one-piece snowsuits you had to put on as a kid? This is the adult version. The jacket and pants are warm and matching for a tonal look, but (because of the white color), it feels less bulky and more casually cool.

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A Tonal Look

apres ski - all white


Speaking of tonal! Matching yourself to your environment (i.e., all that white, fluffy stuff on the ground) is a really simple way to nail après-ski. You can have all the layers you want, frankly, and they don't all need to be the same shade.

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Big Boots

apres ski - knee high boots


Ok, but how cozy are these?? Warm, knee-length, lined boots are a nice upgrade from the more functional snow boot. With a chunky pair of sunglasses that feels related to ski goggles, it's in keeping with the ski theme—just upgraded.

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Some Added Color

apres ski - big red puffer


Just because you have to go functional in your choice of outerwear doesn't mean it has to be boring! These North Face jackets are function and fashion—and, not that you have to, but isn't it cool to match with a skiing buddy?

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A Fancy One-Piece

apres ski - white spandex one piece


Admittedly, this person is not about to ski, for several reasons. But she's still giving us après-ski chic thanks to a salopette-esque bodysuit, warm coat, matching UGGs, and a chic bag. Gold jewelry helps elevate the otherwise casual look.

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Lots of Layers

apres ski - colorful scarf


It's giving "I have on every item of clothing I brought on this trip, and somehow I still look really cool." You can really lean in on a maximal layering style, just keep your base neutral and then make sure each piece complements something else.

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Fluffy Accessories

apres ski - red bucket hat


This is more après-ski in spirit (I'm not suggesting leather pants for any kind of physical activity), but the casual/chic components come in by way of the accessories: fluffy hat, fluffy scarf, fluffy oversized sweater as an outer layer.

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Chunky Boots

apres ski - plaid scarf


What's great about an after-skiing outfit is that it can be quite casual—as with this matching sweatshirt and jogger option—then the chunkier boots, jacket, and scarf add dimension. In particular, swapping out your black boots for white is a fun choice.

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A Printed Puffer

apres ski - print puffer


Nothing, and I mean nothing, elevates a look more than a coat in a cool color or pattern. It's just more inherently interesting than plain black or navy, and (in the case of this puffer long coat) it's also a way to show off your perfect pattern-mixing skills.

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Mixed Neutrals

apres ski - neutrals


Yes, brown, gray, olive, tan, gray, and white can be mixed and matched. In the case of this outfit, they can literally all go in the same outfit, and the confluence of tones feels very put together. You might have to experiment with your basics, but when you've nailed it, you'll know.

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Surprise Colors

apres ski - blue pants


A balaclava might be visual interest enough, but adding in bright blue pants and boots? That's a pro-style move. Keeping the rest of the look simple and neutral gives this the look of brightly colored snow pants—but somehow cooler.

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apres ski - red outfit


If you want to go for comfort in your after-hours gear, but still want to make a fashionable impression, you can always lean in on color. We'll say it again: tonal does not have to mean neutrals. This is the moment to break out your coolest coat and match your whole outfit to it.

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