11 Foolproof Ways to Style Chunky Boots

We like big boots and we can't lie.

A woman shows how to style chunky boots for 2024.

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There are countless ways to ground even the most over-the-top looks with chunky boots. Beyond being a solid base for innumerable outfits, the heft of chunky boots — whether they're combat style, platforms, or a spiky iteration of 2023's beloved "ugly shoe" — creates contrast with just about any look. They might be intimidating to look at, but they're incredibly easy to style because they do the work for you. The lines of a sharp pair of trousers, the fluff and float of a tulle skirt, and even the soft folds of well-loved baggy jeans are all enhanced when worn with chunky boots, regardless of style.

If you want to show off your unique style or celebrate your mastery of the latest viral aesthetic, trust in the power of chunky boots. They do the most to elevate and accentuate any outfit, any day, as the 11 chunky boots outfits ahead prove.

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Add Baggy Jeans

Sophia Geiss wears chunky boots with a baggy jeans groutfit.

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Since the '90s, big boots and baggy jeans have been a fashion match made in heaven. There's something delectable about a puddling hemline atop a pair of super chunky boots, plus you've got plenty of aesthetic options.

A close-fitting crop top creates a figure-hugging silhouette with even the baggiest of jeans, but you can also opt for a more experimental shape by wearing oversized sweaters or long-line cardigans.

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Pair with Split-Seam Flares

Alessa Winter wears chunky boots with red split-seam flare pants.

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Just dipping your toes into chunky boots? Flared bottoms are a great place to start. A pair of flared jeans, trousers, or leggings not only creates a lovely little moment of reveal— think: a gown with a daring thigh-slit done in miniature — but it allows you to conceal a pair of chunky boots that might otherwise feel a bit too much i.e. the four-inch platform studded pair from your Hot Topic high school era.

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Incorporate Cargo Pants

Emili Sindlev wears cargo pants with chunky boots.

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Cargo pants are back, babes, and there's no better way to maximize their oversized, utilitarian aesthetic than with a pair of chunky boots. The vibe from this easy-to-style look is similar to that of chunky boots and baggy jeans with a slightly more elevated feel.

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Elevate a Basic Boiler

 A woman wears a boiler suit with a chunky black boots.

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Chunky boots add an air of "this is fashion" to casual looks, lending just enough oomph to make a laidback outfit pop without veering into try-hard or formal territory.

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Toughen Up Soft Textures

A woman wears a sheer dress with chunky boots

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We don't talk enough about how the right shoes can transform a look. A sheer and sensual outfit that channels your inner vampy vixen takes a turn towards the casual when worn with chunky boots.

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Add Edge to a Sweater Dress

Adut Akech wears a sweater dress with chunky boots.

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With the right pair of chunky boots, a business casual sweater dress is transformed into the uniform of a fashion influencer or eccentric art collector.

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Play Up Prints

Greivy Lou wears chunky boots with patterned pants.

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Chunky boots evoke big punk energy, but that doesn't mean your look has to be all hard edges and spiky accessories. In fact, a pair of colorful printed boots can bring an even more subversive edge to your OOTD since bright pops of playful color turn the very idea of a big, bold boots on its head. Amp up the look by pairing matching printed or patterned pieces or let your boots stand out by going for a look that's otherwise monochromatic or neutral.

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Make Separates Feel Effortless

Georgie Palmer wears chunky boots with black pants, a white button-down, and a sweater vest.

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Chunky boots deliver the same effortless coolness and mystery to trousers, button-downs, and other essential workwear separates as they do to demure sweater dresses.

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Oversize Everything

A woman wears an oversized outfit with chunky boots.

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Chunky boots are great for subverting aesthetics, but that doesn't mean you have to create stylistic contrast for a chunky boots outfit to work. Another option is leaning all the way into the bulkiness of this boot style by going all out with oversized separates.

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Subvert a Silky Slip Dress

Xenia Adonts wears chunky boots with a slip dress.

A pair of chunky boots both heightens and subverts the softness and delicacy of a slip dress. If you're looking to bring lingerie out of the boudoir and into your everyday wardrobe, chunky boots are the way to go.

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Remix an Athletic Mini Skirt

Hailey Bieber wears a mini skirt with chunky boots/

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For an effortless feel, lean into athleisure or tenniscore, but skip the sneakers in favor of a pair of thick, lug-sole clomp-around boots. This look works especially well when you play with proportion by throwing a sleek mini-skirt and oversized outerwear into the mix.

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