Jennifer Lopez Says Her Twins Don’t Like When She Wears Crop Tops

Mom, you’re embarrassing me.

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Jennifer Lopez has a legion of loyal fans, but two very vocal critics are taking issue with her penchant for embracing certain fashion choices. Today, during an appearance on The View, Lopez explained that her twins, 15-year-old Emme and Max, are huge fans of her new album and its accompanying film, This Is Me ... Now, but they're not so appreciative of her crop tops. Ana Navarro, one of the show's co-hosts, mentioned that she heard that Max and Emme are Lopez's biggest critics — and Lopez expanded on the story, saying that while they love their mom's creativity and passion, they're not shy about telling her to cover up.

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"So, when I went in to do This Is Me … Now, I kind of approached it in the same way — obviously, I was inspired by the same subject. And so, I went in there. And so, when they heard this one, and they saw the movie just the other night at the premiere, they were, I think, really blown away," Lopez shared. "They were like, ‘Whoa. You did this? This is what you’ve been doing?’"

"And suddenly, you are all that," co-host Whoopi Goldberg added.

"Just for a second though," Lopez clarified. "Then, it’s right back to 'Mom, don’t wear the crop top!’"

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Earlier this week, Lopez opened up about the pressure she feels to keep her kids away from the internet. During an appearance on Apple Music Radio with Zane Lowe, the host asked her how she keeps Max and Emme from reading stories about her and her husband, Ben Affleck.

"And you can't protect them from that, right?" Lowe asked.

"We can't because they're techie kids. Like every other kid, they're on their phone constantly. They search everything. The minute you say any new word to them, they look at any new name, any new anything," she explained, before adding that they're so fast that they can find anything and everything before she has a chance to stop them. "Any new information they want to know what it is, and they know they can. And so they’re much more informed and it's totally into the meme culture and think it's hysterical. And now that they're a little bit older, we try not to make it such a big thing in our house, because their lives are so much more than the fact that we are their parents in that way, that we're famous."

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