10 Trending Sneakers Celebrities Wear on Repeat

A-listers can't get enough of these fresh kicks.

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There’s a particular joy in slipping on a pair of new sneakers and stepping out in the footwear of the moment. One of our favorite trend-spotting tricks is keeping a close eye on what our favorite celebs are wearing—look no further than A-listers like Hailey Bieber, Taylor Swift, and comfy shoe superfan Emily Ratajkowski. Not only does it guarantee the trend in question is worth wearing but it’s also likely backed by celebrity stylists who know better than anyone how to keep a finger pressed to the pulse of fashion. Using this foolproof technique, we've rounded up the best sneaker trends to wear right now.

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Adidas Sambas

Gigi Hadid wears Adidas Sambas, trending womens sneakers to try in 2024.

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Adidas sneakers are footwear royalty, with the Sambas style being the brand's biggest crown jewel. Jennifer Lawrence, Hailey Bieber, and Emily Ratajkowksi are all fans. Gigi Hadid's clothing line, Guest in Residence, even partnered up with Adidas to release a limited-edition Samba collab.

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Nike OG Retro Air Jordans

Naomi Campbell wears retro Nikes, trending womens sneakers to try for 2024.

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Everyone loves a great pair of Air Force Ones; it's why they sell out so quickly and have such high resale value. The Retro OG style worn by Naomi Campbell to a New York Fashion Week event in September shows exactly why this sneaker style will trend in perpetuity: It can be dressed up or down, worn laced or loose, and just look cool. Just ask Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber, or any other of the dozen A-list sneakerheads who've sported the shoe.

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New Balance

Taylor Swift wears a pair of white and neon trending women's sneaker from New Balance.

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When it comes to the "dad shoe" brands most loved by A-listers, it doesn't get more on-theme than New Balance sneakers. In October, Taylor Swift sported a luxe version designed by Ganni and New Balance, but you can easily get the same look for less with a pair of New Balance 574s.

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Nike Air Max 95s

Hailey Bieber wears a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers, a trendy women's sneaker style for 2024

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Another major trending sneaker brought to us by the dad shoe trend is the Nike Air Max 95, beloved by Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski, two A-list comfy sneaker enthusiasts who know a thing or two about an athletic footwear fashion moment. We have extra faith in the staying power of the Air Max 95s because they blur the line between trendy and practical.

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Prada Cloudburst Thunder Sneakers

Jennifer Lopez wears Prada Thunder Cloud sneakers, a trending sneaker for women.

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It feels almost sacrilegious to call a Prada shoe part of the "ugly shoe" trend, so we won't quite say that. Instead, we'll say that the thick, rugged, and wide-spaced treads on the Prada Cloudburst Thunder sneakers that Jennifer Lopez has been spotted in represent a major sneaker trend that's the opposite of delicate. Going even beyond the much-lauded chunky silhouette, the thick spiky soles of these sneakers are a part of a movement towards rugged footwear shapes that's impacted every brand from Converse to Christian Louboutin.

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Miu Mu Platform Sneakers

Sydney Sweeney wears Miu Miu denim sneakers, a women's trending sneaker style for 2024.

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Sure, Sydney Sweeney wearing Miu Miu sneakers during Cannes doesn't mean we'll all be wearing $1,000 denim designer kicks, but the aesthetic of a chunky platform sneaker in a white-as-snow shade has been a major trend. This sneaker style's vibe is nostalgic for any number of eras. Wear them with baggy jeans or cargo pants and you've touched on layers of Y2K and '90s streetwear, hip-hop, and skate culture all thanks to one sublimely casual shoe.

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Brooks Women's Glycerin GTS 20 Running Shoes

Jennifer Garner wears blue and white Brooks trending women sneakers.

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Jennifer Garner is, low-key, a sneakerhead. She even donned a pair for the premiere of Netflix's Family Switch. Garner's brand of choice tends towards the practical with a focus on function and the star has been spotted time and time again in Brooks' running shoes. Her latest style of choice is the Glycerin GTS 20 model, a super-supportive style that comes in a range of cool-toned spring-ready hues.

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Nike Air Max Plus

Kendall Jenner wears white Nike Air Max shoes, a pair of trending women's sneakers.

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Kendall Jenner's off-duty model ensembles are polished, effortless, and frequently feature a monochromatic color palette. Out of all her post-pilates outfits, we especially love her black leggings and white Nike Air Max combo that blends the chunky sneaker trend with good old-fashioned athleisure.

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Puma Palermo Women's Leather Sneakers

Emily Ratajkowski wears black Puma Palermos, a pair of trending womens sneakers to try for 2024.

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Emily Ratajkowski rides for Puma. If the NYC-based multihyphenate isn't wearing a stunning pair of heels, she's wearing casual kicks. While the star keeps several sneaker brands in rotation, she returns again and again to her trusty Puma Palermos. Ratajkowski has worn these trending women's sneakers — along with matching crew socks, 'natch — with everything from sundresses to tailored separates.

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Vans Knu Skool Sneakers

Megan Fox wears Vans, trending women's sneakers to try for 2024.

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If you ever fell in love with a Sk8tr boi or Riot Grrrl, it's more than likely that there's a pair of Vans sneakers embedded in one of your core memories. Vans have never really gone out of style but they are periodically discovered by the latest generations of footwear-loving fashionistas when celebs like Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde, and Kim Kardashian step out in them.

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