I’m Decorating My Home for Valentine’s Day With These Cute Amazon Finds From $8

Pink coupe glasses, anyone?

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Amazon Home Gifts

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In recent years, I’ve become the person I never thought I’d be: someone who decorates their space for every holiday. I can’t deny the serotonin boost I get from putting Hannukah-themed decals on my windows or setting my table with a pumpkin vase in the middle. And now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I had absolutely no choice but to scour Amazon for the cutest festive home finds, starting at just $8. 

The following list includes Valentine’s Day-themed candles, glassware, and even kitchen gadgets that’ll make the perfect gifts for both yourself and your loved ones this season. Just be sure to make your purchases soon with an Amazon Prime account, so that you have ample time to get your space ready for the holiday of love. 

Best Valentine’s Day Amazon Home Finds

  • The Wine Savant Set of Four Coupe Glasses, $40
  • Homesick Love Letters Scented Candle, $27 (Originally $38)
  • Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp, $30 (Originally $46)
  • Maykito Six-Piece Heart Cookie Cutter Set, $8
  • Doorsarg Set of Two Glass Vases, $14
  • Kitsch Satin Pillowcase, $16 (Originally $19)
  • Dash Mini Heart Waffle Maker, $19 (Originally $20)
  • Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle, $195

The Wine Savant Set of Four Coupe Glasses

Amazon Pink Colored Martini, Champagne and Cocktail


Buy on Amazon $40

My TikTok feed has been inundated with colorful glassware recently, and I’m hopping on the trend with this set of four pink coupes. They’re perfect for a Valentine’s Day get-together, but I plan to drink out of them year-round. Not to mention, they’ll look great sitting on a bar cart or in a glass-front cabinet. But if pink isn’t your thing, don’t worry — the coupes come in purple and multi-color options, too.

Homesick Love Letters Scented Candle

Amazon Homesick Love Letters Scented Candle, 13.75 oz Rose


Buy on Amazon $38 $27

My apartment is already full of Homesick candles, so when I saw the Love Letters version on sale for $27, I immediately added it to my cart. It has notes of lemon, sandalwood, rose petals, and peonies, and it comes in a 13.75-ounce jar with up to 80 hours of burn time. Plus, it’s packaged in a giftable box with a pink and red letter-themed design. 

Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp

Amazon Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp, Electric Candle Lamp Warmer, Gifts for Mom, Bedroom Home Decor Dimmable Wax Melt Warmer for Scented Wax with 2 Bulbs, Jar Candles


Buy on Amazon $46 $30

Now that I’m getting a new candle, I obviously need a candle warmer lamp to go with it. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me fill you in: A candle warmer uses a halogen light bulb to warm a candle and release its scent without actually lighting the wick. The Marycele version, in particular, has a dimmer for mood lighting and a timer, so you can schedule it to stay on for a certain period. Warming lamps also help candles last longer (since you’re not actually burning the wax), so I can keep my new Love Letters candle in my rotation for a while. 

Maykito Six-Piece Heart Cookie Cutter Set

Amazon Heart Cookie Cutter Set-6 Pieces in Gratuated


Buy on Amazon $8

Cookies in fun shapes just taste better — I don’t make the rules. That’s why I’m adding this pack of six heart-shaped cookie cutters to my cart for just $8. They’re made from rust-proof stainless steel that’s “easy to clean,” per a reviewer, and each cutter gradually gets a little bigger for versatility between recipes. Catch me baking heart-shaped sugar cookies all February long. 

Doorsarg Set of Two Glass Vases

Amazon Pink Glass Vase for Single Flowers, Small Flower Vase


Buy on Amazon $14

I always have fresh flowers in my home, so I’m using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get cute new vases. These pink ribbed glass vases come in a set of two for just $17, and they’ll look stylish both next to each other and scattered separately around the house. They’re especially great if you like simple, small-scale bouquets given their low profile. I plan on leaning into the Valentine’s Day theme and filling my new vases with pink and white roses. 

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

Amazon Kitsch Satin Pillowcase for Hair & Skin | Softer


Buy on Amazon $19 $16

Satin pillowcases are a must-have for me, so why not replace my typical white covers with light pink ones instead? Not only does the satin finish prevent my hair from shedding and breaking overnight, but it also keeps my skincare where it belongs — on my skin. And thanks to my new pink accents, I’ll feel festive every time I get into bed. 

Dash Mini Heart Waffle Maker

Amazon DASH Mini Maker for Individual Waffles, Hash Browns


Buy on Amazon $20 $19

I can’t help but lean into the cheesy Valentine’s Day decor, too, like this Dash heart-shaped mini waffle maker. Given its 4-inch diameter, the compact gadget is small enough to store in my New York City kitchen, which is a major selling point. Plus, it heats up in minutes and has a non-stick finish, making it easy to take off your waffle and clean the cooking surface. I see a lot of chocolate chip waffles in my future. 

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Amazon Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle


Buy on Amazon $195

This light pink electric gooseneck kettle is the splurge item on my wishlist, and I just know it would make my life easier. While I love drinking tea, I don’t make it often, since the thought of waiting for my water to boil (and trying to pour it into a mug without spilling it) is simply too much to bear. But with this kettle, I can quickly heat up water and use the long spout to precisely pour it into my cup. Not to mention, the water will stay hot, so I can refill my mug throughout the day. And it doesn’t hurt that the pink kettle will look cute on my counter — Valentine’s Day or not. 

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