Taylor Swift Wore a $790 Version of the Comfy Underwear Style I Swear By

I replaced all my other pairs with these.

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Taylor Swift Briefs Review


I’m about to get a bit TMI for your liking, but it’s just me being honest. I couldn’t wait to wear thongs when I was younger. It seemed like the “cool” thing to do. However, as a 30-year-old — and all the wiser than my younger, 16-year-old self — I consider it a win if I wear something that doesn’t require me to slip into thongs. Sure, even if I wear a skirt that would look better with said no-show underwear, sometimes, I say, “whatever!” and wear my go-to undie style that Taylor Swift is about to make sell out. 

The singer offered a peek at her latest (and sure to be greatest) album last week, dubbed The Tortured Poets Department. And let’s get one thing clear — I am not a Swiftie and I will not pretend to know anything about the singer other than what I do know (which is next to nothing). But, what I can say with certainty is that her style is evolving and changing, much like her music, and I’m totally into the “fashion” on her latest album. And before you even say it, yes, undies and sheer tanks are fashion.

Swift posed on crisp white sheets, against a crisp white backdrop, wearing nothing but stark-black loungewear. A contrast! But what I took note of immediately were those black, high-waisted undies, which, upon further research, revealed they’re from The Row and cost $790. They’re sold out (duh), but TBH, I don’t think I would buy $790 undies anyways. So, it’s a good thing so many brands, like Hanes and Wacoal, offer lookalike briefs for way less. 

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But, before you hop on the brief bandwagon, allow me to give you my spiel. Thongs are not comfortable — and while sure, there might be some that are okay, I’m just not into wearing stringy panties anymore. So, as far as I'm concerned, I’d much rather wear granny panties than anything else, because I truly value comfort above all these days. It might have taken me 30 years to learn this, but at least I finally did — and my next 30 years will continue to be all about comfort (aka, comfy cotton briefs à la Swift). 

So many brands have churned out their own take on the trusty brief, which is classic underwear style that never has and never will disappear. It’s a classic, and classic things tend to stick around for the long run. Add in the comfiness, plus the easy design, which usually means ample butt coverage and a comfy high waist, and you know they were made for loungin — but not just that. You can still wear them underneath anything, especially if you go with a seamless pair like these from Chantelle Lingerie.

I wear my briefs for everything, and I guarantee you will, too, especially if you put comfort before everything else. Not to mention, I think they’re quietly sexy, too — just look at Swift’s album cover again as proof.

Shop some of my go-to briefs below.

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