This Super-Comfy Italian Underwear Makes Me Feel Like I'm Going Commando

It's durable, soft, and breathable.

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I Refuse To Wear Any Other Underwear, Because This Italian Brand Feels Like I Have Nothing On

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Do you have that piece of clothing that once it’s been worn even if your laundry basket isn’t full, you’ll still wash it all by itself because it’s your favorite? For me, that item is Intimissimi’s Cotton Panties. You may be thinking, “They’re just underwear.” But out of all the underwear I’ve tried, these are the most comfortable to the point that I feel like I have nothing on. So if you’re in the market for quality underwear that you’ll choose over any other pair in your drawer, you can stock up and save on my go-to pair by buying three for $35 or six for $60. 

They come in 14 colors, including navy, black, white, pink, purple, and nude, plus sizes range from small to large. The bikini-cut panties are made from a breathable and stretchy cotton blend that hugs the bum and features a waistband that sits securely on the hips without digging. It offers full coverage at the back and wears seamlessly under clothes.

Intimissimi Cotton Panties

Intimissimi Cotton Panties


Buy on $15

If I had to choose a style of underwear to wear for the rest of my life, it would  be bikinis — and more specifically, Intimissimi cotton bikinis. They’re the best of both worlds. They offer full coverage, so I’m not walking around with a wedgie all day but they aren’t bulky under fitted dresses or tight pants. They’re lightweight and breathable, so I stay fresh and dry even on the hottest days. I also love how soft the fabric is on the skin. I’ve had pairs that irritated my skin, but these will make you question if you even put underwear on. They are incredibly durable and have held up well after multiple washes and tumbles in the dryer — even without being in an intimates bag.  

The fabric is also super stretchy, which allows me to get a snug-but-comfortable fit despite my fluctuating weight. The leg holes are wide enough that they don't constrict around my leg, offering maximum mobility even on my high-intensity gym days. The waistband doesn’t roll, so I get a smooth finish, and after multiple wears and laundering, it still hasn’t warped out of shape. 

I plan on stocking up on more Intimissimi Cotton Panties along with their other comfortable styles below.

Shop Intimissimi Underwear:

  • Ultralight Cotton Panties, $15
  • Seamless Cotton Panties, $15
  • String Thong in Cotton, $15
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