If You Buy One New Thing This Season, Make It a Pair of Red Tights

The red nail theory has met its match.

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One New Thing, Red Tights

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Google the word “confidence,” and you’ll be bombarded with nearly five billion results, ranging from what is confidence to how you can boost confidence. But the thing is, the act of feeling confident can't be achieved by simply browsing search results. Everyone’s timeline for achieving confidence is different; many say when you hit 30, you start to not care, and in turn, develop a type of confidence you couldn’t even imagine having when you were 16. What you wear can also totally impact how you feel. Think about a moment when you wore something you felt absolutely good in — your confidence probably skyrocketed, right? Now, think of the moment you wore something red. Did you feel oh-so-powerful? Yeah, that’s kind of the point.

Red has been trending for a while now, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. We saw the power color pop (literally) on the runways at Acne Studios's Spring/Summer 2024 show as well as at Burberry. And while crimson clothing certainly shined on the catwalk, one item in particular packed a major punch thanks to its subtly: red tights. It’s the relatively affordable and easy item everyone should have on hand for this season. Yes, the look is impactful, but cherry stockings might also have the power to boost your confidence, too. 

If You Buy One New Thing This Season, Make It a Pair of Red Tights

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“[Red] is a bold and highly visible color that attracts attention,” says Naina Singla, a fashion expert and stylist. “It shows that you're not afraid to be noticed, which [in turn] shows confidence.” Amen to that. Red is also, inarguably, a bold shade; “It's associated with power, strength, and high energy. When women wear this color, they feel empowered and ready to handle challenges that may arise,” Singla adds.

Dr. Dawnn Karen, fashion psychologist and author of Dress Your Best Life: How to Use Fashion Psychology to Take Your Look — and Your Life — to the Next Level echoes these sentiments, noting that when talking about the psychological aspects of red, it’s important to examine its various constructs.

“Socially, it's marketed to us that the color red is for love, romance, and sensuality,” Karen explains. “Culturally, depending on where you are in the world, red signifies prosperity,” while biologically, red actually boosts the metabolic rate.

Karen explains one common scenario you’ve probably heard before. “[There’s] the cliché phrase, ‘Wear a red tie if you want to land the interview,’ for men, and the reason is that red is so intense,” Karen says. “It can allow you to be memorable…You can wear red, and the color will speak loud before you even say a word.”

If You Buy One New Thing This Season, Make It a Pair of Red Tights

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As for why red tights are such a hot item in 2024? “[They] were all over the runways in 2023, so it's not surprising that we are seeing them now in 2024,” Singla says, adding that their boom is likely also linked with the “resurgence of the fashion and style from the aughts — think: Blair Waldorf.” Karen says the pandemic inspired people to get dressed from the waist up, and now, people want to “get dressed from the bottom,” hence, bright-colored tights that make a statement. 

And while trying this trend may seem intimidating, there are many ways to give it a spin. Proenza Schouler's Spring/Summer 2024 show incorporated red tights into a few looks; one concealed the poppy hosiery under baggy trousers for a subtle pop of color at the feet, while another paired them with a bright-red dress for an extra color punch. Givenchy contrasted the cherry-red accessory with neutral base layers, whereas Ferragamo’s layered on the hues, with a pink-and-red turtleneck dress, red tights, and crimson shoes. 

The styling options with this little red accessory are endless, but Singla calls out three popular ways to wear the trend: as a pop of color, noting this is the “easiest and most effortless way” to wear it; in a monochrome look if you “want to make a statement”; or paired with ecru and black for a “playful and sophisticated” option. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to take your winter look to the next level — and potentially boost your confidence, too — consider dipping your toes (wink, wink) into red tights. They’re a low-commitment way to wear this high-impact, confidence-enhancing power shade. 

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